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Ryan HH

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Obama

Obama is NOT Communist OR a Terrorist!
There are many allegations on Obama regarding that he is a communist or a terrorist. Obama is actually quite the opposite. In 2009, he earned the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy.
Why is Obama Qualified to be a President?
He attended Harvard Law, Columbia University, and attended High School at the Punahou School. He earned a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, and loves puppies.
Now, Go and Vote!
This is a Tea Party mudslinging billboard. (LIARS!)
He is also a born citizen. Anybody who
says he isn't didn't look it up first. We are
pretty sure they do a thorough background check before someone runs for President.
Intro to Obama
Obama is a Democrat who is 52
years of age, which is old enough to have old ideas, but young enough to incorporate the new ones. He is a male, so he can help males, but balances it out between the two genders with the aid of his wife and daughters. He supports the rights of all, regardless of race, age, gender, background, anything. He is an educated man, who attended Harvard Law and graduated with a degree in International Relations.
The Nobel Committee Website
Why Should You Vote for Obama?
Obama is an accomplished man who had to work hard to get to where he is today. He was not a man who was born into a rich family, and works hard to help children get an education, because he had a tough life growing up. His parents split when he was two, he moved to Indonesia with his mother and her second husband, and then was sent back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents.


A great Democratic idea he supports is the two-party system. It is just like our Texas system. The Democrats and Republicans try to work together to help the citizens and the greater good of the country. This also helps every citizen have an opinion and people to who share that opinion to back them up.
And if that's not enough, you can VOTE
to help determine who will represent YOU
in office! Then, you can send your representative ideas for him/her to present to other representative. Jury duty is another great way to participate in government, just now in the Judicial branch. By doing this, your supporting the Sixth amendment.
He also believes in the Principles of Government. Obama knows Federalism is a great way of having government. Some have hated the idea of sharing power, but our President knows it is the way to go for a government run by the people. The power is divided among three levels, National, State, and Local. This way everyone gets a voice and if one branch is corrupted, there are two more to fix it or make a new one.
Now it is your turn to have a voice! It is time for a new age in America, and Obama will help get us there!
Google Images
Barack Obama.com
Drought in Texas
Educational Budget
These next few slides are about issues impacting Texas and our candidates viewpoint on them.
Our candidate would divert 2% of military funding to the states for Education. This would help with our grades in school and ultimately help the America of the future.
2% of military funding equals approximately $10,600,000,000
Obama would give each and every person crossing the border a chance at citizenship. The naturalization process would be tougher for those with a record, but the same as always for people without one. Because denying people who had committed crimes in other countries would be wrong, as we let our criminals retain citizenship. So just because they're from another country means they can't live in this one? No. Not with Obama.
For people experiencing drought and high water prices they cannot afford, Obama would pardon them from taxes on other things so they can have water every day.
The Nation
The Affordable Care Act
We agree. This is a big flop. It makes everyone covered, but does not make it more affordable. So, we analyze ObamaCare and find it's biggest issues. Then, recruit the best economists in the world and find a way to perfect the idea. Because you have to admit, affordable care for everyone is a great idea.
Obama knows he's made mistakes, but he also wants to know how to fix them. Here are some mistakes and an idea on how to fix them.
Over Promising the Economic Recovery
We know you are angry at him for promising a great economic recovery, then that not happening. In fact, he promised way too much prosperity. So, he will turn more attention to the economy and spend more on us than we do on others. It sounds mean, but we need to help our poor get jobs and money before we spend millions on other countries. We are not saying stop paying attention to them competely, just turn more towards ourselves.
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