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Someone Named Eva

No description

Nikolai Zakrzewski

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Someone Named Eva

By: Nikolai Zakrzewski
Someone Named Eva
Chapter 1:
Milada and her friend Terezie sit outside, watching stars
On Milada's birthday party, her dad gets her a telescope and her mom makes her a cake
After the party, Milada and her dad use the telescope to watch stars

Chapter 2:
As Milada and her family are sleeping, Nazis break in and tell them to pack things up because they are getting "arrested"
Milada's dad and brother are taken away and the women and children are taken to the school
At the school, the solders take their things away
The people are loaded on to other cars to a different school
After 2 days, doctors checked on the people, mainly the kids
1 Day later, the solders tell everyone that they are leaving, except for some kids
Her grandmother gives her a pin and says " You must keep this and remember"
Chapter 1 & 2 Summary
Chapter 3:
The kids on the bus are looking around at the scenery, and Milada realizes they are in Poland
After a while, the bus pulls up to a parking lot along with another bus
They go to the church there, then to a sleeping room
They wake up the next day from the phonograph playing the German national Anthem
They are given a uniform, eat, and brought to an auditorium
A Nazi woman told them what will happen while there, and she gave them a different name
They take a tour of the place and go back to their cot
Chapter 4:
They wake up, eat, and go to their lessons
A couple of days later, 4 people are talking about how to keep from being hot, and a little girl who was renamed Heidi, spoke in Polish. She was hit with a ruler 5 times
They watch a video about the "perfect" race and how to tell if someone was Jewish
Milada's former classmate now named Franziska, started believing she was German
Heidi and her sister, Elsa, were taken away for "more practice"
Chapter 3 & 4
Chapter 5:
Franziska tells a girl named Liesel that Liesel's mom didn't want her because she "cost too much"
A couple of days later, Eva sneaks out to go look at the stars
One month later, Liesel wakes her up, they sit up and talk for a little while, then they go outside
They go inside the church
They both tell each other their actual names before getting taken away. Liesel's name was Katarzyna
Chapter 6
Liesel and Eva still go to the church
They talk about what happened the day they all got taken away
They get to go to the city of Puschkau for the first time, and their teacher named Fraulein Kruger gives them new clothes
Fraulein Kruger beats up an old lady who spit on Eva after she called Eva a Nazi
Chapter 5 & 6
Chapter 7:
Fraulein Kruger brings everyone to the church
She tells everyone that they are finally going to be German citizens, and Eva passes out
Eva wakes up and sees her new parents around her, and they leave the building in a car
She meets her new siblings, a young boy named Peter and Elsbeth
Chapter 8:
Eva wakes up and Peter and Vater (Vater= Father) are play fighting
For a couple of days, she is left to wander around the house
Eva tries to go into Vater's office, Peter and Elsbeth tell her she can't
Elsbeth guides Eva around the house
Eva gets a letter from Franziska, she tears it up and burns it
Learns she is getting addopted by them
Chapter 7 & 8
Chapter 9 & 10
Chapter 9:
The mom gives Eva a dress for the party
Eva forgets the name she called her grandmother
Eva learns what the bad smell is from outside
Chapter 10:
They have a toast to Eva getting adopted
The mom gets a medal which shows how many kids you have

Chapter 11 & 12
Chapter 11:
Elsabeth tells Eva what is happening with the war
Elsabeth shows Eva where Peter and Vater's shooting range is
Eva hears someone singing in Czech, and she runs to it
Eva Finds Vater's prison camp
Eva tries to remember Czech back at the house
Chapter 12:
The family is starting to run low on food and money
Peter and Vater both are in hiding
Mother, Eva and Elsabeth are going to hide in the shelter
Elsabeth and Eva convince mother to let them go upstairs to get math books
Russians burst into the house, trying to find Vater
Elsbeth tries to find a gun
Elsbeth and Eva fight after Elsbeth asks if Eva is Jewish
Elsbeth and Eva try to find Eva's pin
1 Week later, Eva hears birds chirping, no war sounds and they learn that Germany had surrendered and the war is over
Chapter 13 & 14
Chapter 13:
The family finally moves out of the shelter
International Red Cross workers go to the Werner house and tells Eva that they found her actual mom
Milada learns that her brother,dad, and grandmother all died and they can't find her little sister
Milada and her mother finally see each other again
Chapter 14:
Milada and her mom finally leave the displaced persons center and move in with her mom's cousin
Milada shows her mom the pin her grandmother gave her
They both talk about times in their life, mom talks about before the war and Milada talks about during the war
Learns that Terezie died in Poland
They go back to their old city to look at the remains
Milada wears the pin, and sees the North Star and thinks "I found my way home, Babichka, And I'll remember. Always."
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