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Bryn Palmer

No description

Bryn Palmer

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Bryn Palmer

All About Me

Bryn Palmer
9th Grade
Elkins High School

Where was I born?
I was born here in Houston on September 1,2002 at Memorial Hermann Hospital.
My favorite Movie
My favorite movie is either 'High School Musical 2' or 'The Avengers' because HSM is relate able and The Avengers is just entertaining.
Favorite City
My favorite city is Destin,FL.
City I want to visit
I would love to visit Kauai,HI! The beaches and mountains there are gorgeous.
Family Life
I only have one sibling, my younger brother Jay.
I live with my mom, dad, and brother.
The Avengers
The beaches of Destin are full of soft white sand and clear blue waters.
And the people in Destin,FL are really nice and welcoming.
I would enjoy laying on the beach and watching the sunset in the evening.
COUNTRY I want to visit
I really want to visit Iceland.
The thermal pools of Iceland seem really fun and cool.
And the weather seems very nice as well.
Best Gift I've Ever received
The best gift that I've ever received was my phone because I use it every day! What made it an even better gift was the way I got it.
Who I want to meet
I want to meet Stephen Curry.
He's on my favorite basketball team: The Golden State Warriors.

(And they're about to win the NBA Finals)
The most embarrassing moment
Once, in 2nd grade, someone left their backpack(with wheels)in the middle of the floor while I was trying to recycle some paper.
I, of course, tripped over the backpack on my way to the recycling bin and fell into it.
Why Professional Communication is Important
Professional Communication is important because it prepares us for presenting speeches in college.
This course also allows us to prepare for professional conversation in the work world. We need to know how to discuss business inquiries.
The Funniest Moment of my Life
I've had a lot of funny moments in my life, so it's hard to choose just one.
EVERYBODY saw me! It was simply awful!
One of the funniest moments is when I sit down with my family to watch 'Try Not to Laugh' videos.
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