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Senior Blitz


Laura Raposa

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Blitz

Pasco-Hernando State College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award the Associate Degree.
Your high schools are also accredited by SACS, as is USF, UF, UCF, FSU, etc…
Why is this important to you???

Pasco-Hernando Community College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award the Associate Degree.
Your high school is also accredited by SACS, as is USF, UF, UCF, FSU, etc…

Welcome Gulf and Sunlake High School Seniors!
West Campus
PHSC is located across five campuses:
East Campus (Dade City)
West Campus (New Port Richey)
North Campus (Brooksville)
Spring Hill Campus
Porter Campus @ Wiregrass Ranch
PHSC Accreditation
PHSC will use the highest combination of ACT, SAT, or PERT scores.
Please refer to your Placement Chart now for the reading, writing, and math scores
PHCC's College Catalog
Where and when do you attend classes?
Some classes and majors are only offered at certain times/days
Police Academy
Dental Hygiene/Dental Assisting
The majority of courses are offered online, evening, morning, afternoon, and evening
Many programs offer students the flexibility to choose
Available only online
PHCC's contract with the student
Academic Program Descriptions
Course Descriptions
Academic Calendar
Computer labs available for student use
Internet access
Lab Assistants
Search by computer for special research topics
Quiet study rooms for tests, exams, or group projects
Online databases and resources from state and local libraries with 24-hour online access sent to you once all information is received and all steps have been completed.
Find textbooks, supplies, and gifts

Pay your fees and pick up official schedule

Visit http://bookstore.phcc.edu/ to order your books online

Textbooks must be returned with receipt and in original shrink wrap by deadline date for refund. Otherwise, books may be sold at “Book Buy Back” at the end of the semester.
Teaching Learning Center (TLC)
Free tutoring services in a variety of subject areas (including math, reading, writing, and science)

PHCC Writing Center:

Special computer programs to develop your skills

You must be enrolled in a course to get tutoring
When I check my bill or MedailleOne, the tuition is different from my Award Letter. Why?
Your bill is for one term. Your Award letter is for one academic year (Fall/Spring or Fall/Spring/Summer terms).
Why do I need to send a copy of my employer’s reimbursement policy to the Financial Aid Office?
Receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer is considered
a financial resource.
Regulations require our Office to acquire this documentation and include in your award package.
What does NOT fall under financial aid?
The most common of these are:
Your bill
Financial aid does not generate your bills or refunds; they are generated from the Student Accounts Office. For questions on billing, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

In-school certification
If you are notified that your loans are in repayment, you may need to provide the lender with in-school certification paperwork. Please contact the Registrar/Student Services Office to help you complete the deferment paperwork.
What is Parature and how do I access it?

MyPHCC/Quista Alert
Every student has a MyPHCC account which allows:
Access to online/hybrid classes
Announcements of any kind

Communication with PHCC students, staff, and instructors.

Getting general course information (i.e. syllabus or PowerPoint)

Online courses are no different than traditional courses in terms of rigor and content, but they do offer scheduling flexibility.

Students complete instructor evaluations through MyPHCC

Quista Alert Notification System
How much time will I need to allow
for my studies each week?
Students will spend four hours each week in class and another four hours in learning team interaction.

Beyond that, you will need to plan for the time it takes to complete your individual assignments.

Depending on the class and your own learning styles, you will need between five and twelve additional hours each week.
Florida Virtual Campus
The faculty represent a unique combination of educational and business experience.

All of our instructors hold the necessary academic qualifications and degrees.

What do they bring to the classroom?
years of experiences in local business
personal knowledge in their field(s)
Adding and Dropping classes to your schedule
Students may drop classes from their schedules for a full refund or add others during a
period of time at the beginning of each term.
For Drop/Add dates please refer to your College Calendar
Shorter semesters have a shorter window of time to drop/add
All courses in which a student remains registered for AFTER the drop/add date will be counted as ATTEMPTS. That means these courses become part of your permanent record and will appear on your transcript.
Students can NOT change to withdraw or audit online
Depends on:
Number of classes successfully completed each semester
Number of semesters attended each year.
Advisors can help track and monitor progress.
Students can run degree audits on the WISE system
Complete an Application for Graduation (available in the Student Development Office or http://www.phcc.edu/forms/ when registering for final semester coursess
North Campus
Spring Hill Campus
Medaille Technology includes the Hardware, Software and websites that are administrated by the college. These include: Classroom Technology, Wireless Access, BbVista, MedailleOne, Medaille Accounts, Computer Labs, Software downloaded and other areas listed on the IT Website.
PIN Change
Challenge Questions
your unified account for access to course registration, grades, email, Blackboard, financial aid, and all other electronic college information
all students have a MedailleOne account
Parature is a self-help website that contains answers to many of your frequently-asked financial aid questions. You can also submit a ticket for more specific questions.

Parature can be accessed at: http://onlinesupport.medaille.edu/finaid.
Complete paperwork by published deadline in College Calendar
Student attends class, but does not receive a grade or take tests
No refund of fees
Appears on transcript as a “X,” counts as an attempt, and does not count towards GPA
How do I find my Medaille username, password, and email account?
When you pick up your accounts, you will be assigned a username and a password.

consists of your initials followed by three numbers
never varies
provides access to Blackboard and MedailleOne
Your email address aliases will present in two formats.
One will incorporate your username (username@medaille.edu) and look like: jdp@medaille.edu. Your formal alias uses your full name--first, middle initial, and last--and looks like this: John.Q.Public@medaille.edu. Either email address will work.

Use the link:
to reset your password.

If you have any problems using the link, contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@medaille.edu or (800)292-1582 x 2282
What is my MedailleOne account?
What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is Medaille's course management software.
Your online course blueprints, including the syllabus, assignments, and documentation can be found at: http://blackboard.medaille.edu.

If you are registered for a course, you should have access to that Blackboard; as soon as one course ends, make sure you log onto your next course.

Contact your instructor if you have any issues.
May I receive updated software?
As a student at Medaille College, you are eligible to receive free copies of Microsoft Office and antivirus software.

Login to http://it.medaille.edu with your username and password.
Click on the "Software" link

Be sure to check regularly for new available software!
Each year requires a new application.
Your financial aid package may involve more than one financial aid year.
I filled out a 2011-2012 FAFSA application.
Why do I have to fill out one for 2012-2013?
Financial Aid
Contact Information
Phone: (716) 932-2610
Toll Free: 1-888-252-2235
Amherst Campus
30 Wilson Road
Williamsville, NY 14221
Fax: (716) 932-2635
PHSC Program Options
General Education courses vs. Elective courses

Social/Behavioral Science
Humanities/Fine Art
Computer Literacy

College Success
Associate in Science Degrees (AS)
Prepares students to transfer directly in to the workforce
Specific set of courses for degree
Two years in length
Anywhere from 60 to 77 college credits
Certificate Programs
Technical Credit Programs
Human Services
See any PHCC Advisor and complete a Program Declaration Form
Make sure you understand how changing your major will affect your graduation and financial aid!
Associate in Science degree options
Why are learning teams so important?
Academic Standards
Maximum Attempts on one course
The maximum number of times a student can attempt a course is THREE.
On a third attempt, students must pay non-Florida resident rates

Official high school transcripts indicating you have earned a standard diploma OR official copies of GED transcripts
Official transcripts from every college, university, or technical school you have attended
Transcripts must arrive in an original, sealed envelope from the sending institution
New students seeking a degree or certificate will need to take a placement test PRIOR to registration for classes (unless you have current SAT or ACT scores or have college-level English and Math courses from another college/university.)

Placement test scores are only valid for TWO years. All students are encouraged to take reading, writing, and math courses during the first semester of enrollment.
Do learning teams ever change?
Yes, they do.

It is healthy for groups to mix themselves up occasionally.

Potential reasons for change:
Students find that another group is a better match for them
Your work schedule may change so that a weeknight meeting is better than a weekend one.
Student expectations and performance may change, requiring a shift in groups.

You should expect teams to change as students join or leave your cohort.
It is important to remain flexible when approaching group changes and to keep the health of the cohort in mind.

*Note: groups for online courses change on a course by course basis
For additional information on Collaborative Learning Teams, look in the
ALP Guide to Collaborative Learning Teams: Forming and Maintaining Healthy Groups

Questions or concerns? Contact Student Services.
Parking at PHCC is FREE!
No decal/sticker
Students may park in any lot designated for student use
Students who do not obey parking rules could face towing, fines, or both
Photo IDs
Public Safety
Support Services
FREE Services offered to PHSC students include:
Advising & Registration
Testing & Career Services
Disability Services
Financial Aid
Veterans Affairs
Student Activities
Academic planning
Course substitutions
Credit by exam/CLEP
Degree audits
Specific program information
Student assistance program
Transfer information
Located in Building B, Room 102 on the New Port Richey Campus (727) 816-3201.
Your Library Card is also your Student ID.
Your first Student ID is FREE.
You can get your ID at any of the campus libraries.
Your Borrower ID (14-digit # under barcode) will give you access to the library’s online resources. The PIN is the last four digits of your Social Security number.
Note: $10.00 replacement fee for lost cards
Professional staff are available through the Office of Disabled Student Services
All services are completely confidential
Documentation of a disability is required to receive reasonable accommodations
See an advisor for a referral
Located in Building B, Room 122 on the New Port Richey Campus (727) 816-3473
All students are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (www.fafsa.gov) as well as the PHCC Foundation Scholarship (www.phcc.edu) online

Be sure to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor once your fees are posted.
Clubs and Organizations
Meet new people
Develop confidence
Learn skills you can utilize in your career
Develop strengths
Gain more from your college experience
To learn more about the activities on your campus, visit the Student Activities Office! Building B, Room 240 on the New Port Richey Campus
Men's Basketball
Men's Baseball
Women's Cross Country
Women's Softball
Women's Volleyball
Laura Raposa
Academic Advisor
Friday, March 7th 2014
Welcome to Pasco-Hernando
State College!
Library Card/Student ID
Thank you for taking part in this orientation!

Your success here at Pasco Hernando Community College is important to all of us! Good luck!
Associates in Arts Degree (AA)
The Career Center Provides FREE career testing and resources
VAT Career Inventory
Career Explorer
Career Profile
Books, videos, and more are available
Administers CPT, PERT, TABE, TEAS and CJBAT
Located in Building B, Room 221 on the New Port Richey Campus (727) 816-3486
General Education
Student Development
Disability Services
Financial Aid/Veteran's Affairs
Student Activities
Florida Virtual Campus (www.flvc.org)
Email Information:
Placement Testing
East Campus
Allows students to transfer to a four-year university as a Junior
Contains 36 General Education courses plus 24 Elective courses
Two years in length
Perfect for a student looking to transition to a Bachelor's degree (or beyond!)
Computers (Programming, Networking, Security)
Human Services
Emergency Medical Services
Dental Hygiene
College Credit Programs
Police Academy
Medical Administrative
All students must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average
Financial aid students must maintain 67% completion ratio
Students below a 2.0 GPA face:
Academic Warning/ Academic Probation/Academic Suspension/Academic Dismissal
Changing Your Major
Career & Testing
Other FREE Resources:
Complete paperwork by published deadline in College Calendar
Student leaves class permanently (An instructor may also withdraw students who do not attend classes regularly)
No refund of fees
Appears on transcript as a “W,” counts as an attempt, and does not count towards GPA
WISE Registration System
Register (Add)/Drop classes
Run a degree audit
Check financial aid status
Pay fees
Print an unofficial transcript
Change PIN number
Update information
Print your schedule
Check final course grade(s)
myPHCC Student Portal
Online/hybrid classes
Quista Alert
SMARThinking link
Free online tutoring!
Writing Submission application
WISE Registration Screen
Porter Campus @ Wiregrass Ranch
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