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josh mejia

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of LORD OF THE FLIES

How William Golding's Life Inspired Lord of the Flies
Ralph: Leader
Jack: Killer
Simone: Free spirit
Piggy: Intelligence
Roger: Sociopath

In the lord of the Flies there are three themes shown through out the Novel.
The conch shell
Piggy's glasses
The pigs head
The Bolder
Face painting

Name: Peter R, Shae Y, Josh M, Josh R, Clayton D and Kevin J

By: William Golding

Any Questions ?
Definition: To be a warning or
indication of a future event
The signal Fire in the beginning of the book resembles a much bigger and threatening fire. (Chapters 2 and 12)
Ralph's forgotten advice. (A reminder for a signal fire but gets ignored. Leading to a missed opportunity, Chapter 3).
The many clues behind the death of Piggy. (Chapter 6)
Simons conversation with The Lord of the Flies has clues to Simons death that following chapter. (Chapter 8)
Theme is the central topic a text treats. Themes can be divided into two categories: a work's thematic concept is what readers "think the work is about" and its thematic statement being "what the work says about the subject".
Need for civilization
Loss of innocence
Civilization against savagery
This book shows how humanity needs a set of rules to maintain the balance between the good and evil that ls within all of us. The book signifies how a person can easily cross the line and fall into the dark side of our human nature.
When laws and consequences are present in a society, it helps regulate our behavior on day to day basis. When the boys come face to face with evil and accept it they can no longer become innocent.

Golding became a teacher in 1935 at Bishop Wordsworth School in Salisbury. There, he taught English to students aged 11-18.
While teaching, Golding had experienced very unruly boys and this later inspired him to make the main characters in Lord of the Flies all young undisciplined males.
The boys he taught proved to him that without structure and a figure of authority, people acted improper.
Golding was very passionate about teaching, but in 1940, he decided to join the Royal Navy and aid in the WWII fight.
For the six years he fought in various battles and also was put in charge of a rocket-launching craft.
Golding had said:
I began to see what people were capable of doing. Anyone who moved through those years without understanding that man produces evil as a bee produces honey, must have been blind or wrong in the head.
Much like his teaching experiences, Golding's time during the war had opened his eyes up to the reality of what people are capable of in certain situations.
Fathers Influence
Golding's father was a schoolmaster and Golding received all of his earlier education at the school his father taught at, Marlborough Grammar School.
The story is about a group of boys that crash land on an uninhabited island.
The boys group together and vote for a leader.
They struggle to keep themselves in check and keep a signal fire going.
The boys live in fear of the of a "beast" that lives on the island.
They decide to hunt and kill the beast so they will have no fear of being attacked and killed.
After they boys fail at the hunt jack and ralph have a struggle for power.
Jack gains support from a majority of the boys and hunts ralph.
The boys are rescued by a sailor that sees a fire on the island.
His father focused a lot on the field of English and this inspired Golding to first make an attempt at writing a novel at the age of 12. He failed.
Golding's failure both frustrated him but also inspired him to do better. It wasn't until after primary school when he made another attempt at writing.
The novel is a reflection of our natural human behavior . The novel displays the evil that lies with in all of us when pushed to the limits. "Its a dog eat dog world."

In Lord of the flies , a group of boys find them selves trapped on an island , alone and fighting for their survival. Being young the boys fall deeply into their natural human behavior. When pushed to the limits, the boys find them selves fighting a "beast". However the beast was never there it was only psycological. Through out the novel you see the boys start to deteriorate and become savages. They fight for power and control. It ends up the survival to the fittest
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Through out the novel The boys loose themselves and soon enough turn into the beast that they all feared
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