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How effective is the YCJA?

This is why we believe the youth crime juctice act should be more harsh on youth...

Kayla Pelkey

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of How effective is the YCJA?

Why do we include age? We have a tolerance for mistakes
in Canada and think we can fix
them. At the age of 12 you are
charged as a child like you don't
know you shouldn't commit a
crime. At the age of 18 your
record is wiped clean. We also
offer different programs and
counseling for the offenders. The YCJA should be harder on criminals because…
• We let the youth walk all over us
• We don’t punish those who can’t be fixed… Refused to be fixed
• We can’t give them their childhood back a give them good parents to grow up with
• We can’t fix the world’s problems
• We give them a small “don’t do that again” if they murder someone and were capable of taking someone’s life The maximum sentences for a youth is 10 years and for murder it doesn’t even extend to the maximum!
The murder sentence for an adult is 25 years to life. The concept the YCJA tries to achieve is… Prevent youth from committing crimes in the community by babying them into feeling safe and like we can't hurt
them (slap on the wrist, go to the naughty corner.) Rehabilitate them back into society and
give them a new start. Reintegrate them back into society Young kids are learning at a young age that they
can get away with crime and that it is okay. Part
of this problem could be that we are to easy on
youth criminals. Thoughts of crime and violent acts are ok up until
your 18 then you're off the hook and you start clean
so no one cares what you did before 18. Even if it
was violent. Since the introduction of the YCJA the amount of youth going to a jail for a long period of time has been at least cut in half. The pros and cons of this issue are…. Pros

Not as much taxing

Less youth in jail

Kids can be productive get a education and maybe a part time job Cons

Kids that commit a serious crime get a lot less of a punishment than an adult.

They send youth out of jail that have committed serious crimes and the youth repeat the crimes over.

The punishments are not harsh enough so they commit the same or more serious crime.

The longer the kids are not in jail commit more crimes every day

A less productive society

Less youth in jail that committed a crime the more crimes are being committed several times.

If a child under the age of twelve commits a serious crime and doesn’t go to jail just gets counseling that child will most likely think its fine to commit a crimes again. We are a greedy society and we don't let
a little thing like people's safety stop us
from getting what we want. Kids get away with many things. This chart shows that the YCJA is not enforcing laws harsh enough and giving meaningful consequences for there to be an impact. Many young criminals come back to jail over and over therefore proving not to learn or change.
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