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The Bully by,Paul Langan

No description

anthony rivera

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of The Bully by,Paul Langan

Tyray is a bully.He likes to bully other kids old or young.Tyray lives in California with his friends.He is senior in highschool.He is very bad he has stabbed kids and has hurt them so bad that they go into the hospital.
When Darrell arrives in California he thinks it is nice here until he meets a guy he is tall,big,and had scares all over him when Darrell meets him he seems nice until Darrell bumps into him he gets mad and takes Darrell's money when they leave Tyray trips him he bumbs his jaw and it starts bleeding he starts running home but doesn't tell his mom.
Thank you!
The bully
Darrell used to live in Philadelphia but after his mom's uncle tells his mom about a great job over in California his mom thinks that's better than her job over here so she tells Darrell that they were moving he is unhappy and has to let go of a lot of things his friends and school.
what happens next read the story
The Bully
to find out.
The bully
First day of school
Philadelphia to California
Darrell is 15 years old and he goes to Buford High school he lives with his mom his dad died when he was little now they are moving and Darrell does not agree but he is forced to so now he has to let go of everything.
high school
Amberlyn bailey
Before the first day of school Darrell's mom tells him to go to the supermarket to pick up some food when he gets there he hids because he thinks that tyray is going to be there agin so now he can breathe when he sees a girl he try's to make his best impression and smiles she smiles back Darrell and her have a full on conversation about Blu Ford Darrell says that he is going to Blu Ford and he is surprised that she is going also he is excited and they both say goodbye.
Darrell walks into school he looks around for his classroom when he reaches his classroom he sees Amberlyn but she doesn't see him so he is about to sit in the front but this guy tells him to sit next to him he doesn't notice it is one of tyray's friends he is about to move when tyray comes in and doesn't let him move untill the teacher picks him to sit in the front the spot darrell was spoussed to be in.At gym class when running laps Tyray trys to trip him but he doesn't fall when it is the end of the day Darrell walks though a alley so he wouldn't have to tolerate with Tyray
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