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A Brief History of Hip Hop and Rap

No description

Angel Hammoud

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of A Brief History of Hip Hop and Rap

The History of Hip Hop and Rap A Culture of Subculture Let's get our terms straight: the terms rap and hip hop are not interchangeable. Hip Hop, on its own, is a subculture that has its origins in the the Bronx, NYC. It began with block parties in the government projects of the Bronx in the 1970s and has evolved into a mainstream genre of music. Poetics and Politics "In hip-hop there are always stakes of crucial importance" The Originators Afrika Bambaataa
Kool DJ Herc
Grandmaster Flash Rap and Hip Hop Today The Four Pillars (+2) What floods the radiowaves is pop rap: "the exploration of common territory between races and classes, usually devoid of social message" Hip-hop culture involved four main subcultures within it: Graffiti DJing/Scratching Beatboxing Sampling/Synthesis Rapping Hip-Hop Breaking The Golden Age 1970s What is rapping? Public Enemy
A Tribe Called Quest Late 1980s to early 1990s "speaking rhythmically and sometimes repetitively over a partcular beat or (sample of a) song" Gangsta Rap N.W.A.
Death Row Records Mid 1990s to early 2000s Sons and Daughters of Industry The Roots
Lil Wayne
Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Kanye West 2000 to today 1992 - los angeles city civil unrest -Rodney King beating
-Widespread looting, arson, murder The Rise of Gangsta Rap -N.W.A. write songs about police
brutality, racial profiling, and living
on the streets of Compton 1960s to 1970s - Development of nyc projects -NYC Parks Commissioner Robert Moses
intends to build an expressway through
the Bronx
-Hundreds of middle-class citizens and family leave,
vacating over 15,000 properties
-These properties are used to house new immigrants,
mostly of Caribbean and African descent Block parties and the birth of hip hop -DJs and artists such as Kool Herc
and Grandmaster Flash create rap
music which reflects their lives in
the projects the blame game "Rap appeals to the angry, disillusioned, unloved kids and
tells them it's okay to beat people up" - Tipper Gore "Hi, My name is" -Eminem's "The Marshall Mather's LP" sells 1.76 million records in the first week,
surpassing Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle" album as the fastest selling hip hop album in U.S. history
-"The Marshall Mather's LP" also breaks Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" as the fastest-selling solo album in U.S. history ...but
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