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Copy of Occupational Therapist

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Chai Kul

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Education Requirements

Minimun level of education is a masters degree in Occupational Therapy
To take the certifying exam, they must receive their degree form an institution accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy
Biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, liberal arts and anatomy are all appropriate college majors
Tuition Costs
Besides the student fee tuition there are additional fees which include:
graduate professional degree programs $1,250 per semester
$925 for books and printed material
required research project $100-$500
University of Southern California
Boston University
Washington Universtiy in St. Louis
University of Illinois-Chicago
Career Outlook
Employment is expected to grow 33 percent between 2010 and 2020
Work Sites
I would like to research more about Autism because more and more children are being diagnosed with it each year and the numbers are increasing rapidly.
Patient's Homes
Nursing care facilities
Rehabilitation Centers
I chose this career because I love being around kids, and would like to help children be able to learn how to interact with others and be confident in what they can do. During Junior rotations I didn't have a chance to shadow an occupational therapist, but my friend's aunt works at a school and after her telling me more about what she does, I became more interested in this career.
I see myself as a successful person in this career. I wouldn't have my own business, but I would work in a group with others to help change the lives of children. I want to be able to help children be independent and to be able to do as much as all the other kids around them could do.
Association of Pediatric therapy
The American Occupatioal Therapy Foundation
National Board for certification in Occupational Therapy
Pediatric occupational therapists work with infants and children who have trouble with movement and coordination. Their patients might be seeing them for neurological complaints, orthopedic injuries, spinal cord damage, muscular dystrophy or other motor disorders. An occupational therapist helps children develop their interaction and communication skills and educate them in self care abilites. Since many of them are too young to understand verbal instructions the therapists use games as their therapy.
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