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Planning the Sales Call is a MUST!!

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Kevin Jones

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Planning the Sales Call is a MUST!!

Planning the Sales Call is a MUST!!! There are 6 steps to sucessfully plan a call The Tree of Business Life: Planning Approach The Pre-approach Attention The Prospects Mental Steps Overview of the Selling Process Pre-Call Planning Post-Call Planning - Determine the call objective
-Keep it Simple
-Adapt a standard way of Pre-Call Planning -Do it Now
-Assess next steps
-Play it again Presentation Strategic Problem Solving Involes: * Strategic Needs- Reduce customer wait time
* creative solutions - Web based ordering and apps
* Mutually Benefical agreements - comsumers agree to recieve notices via emails and text
* Builds Confindence - allows company to give customers variety
*Reflects Professionalism- Employees maintain professionalism while interacting w/ comsumers
* Generally increases Sales- increase in medium allows for customers to choose how they order Determine Sales Call Objective Develop customer benifits Develop sales presentation Develop/Review Customer Profile * Review info to create customized presentation
* See what customers have done in the past to determine future needs
* DONT HAVE CUSTOMER PROFILES - Create one for each customer Develop/Review Customer Profile interest Desire Conviction Purchase
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