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Grid Smart IEC 61850 Solutions

Introduction to Grid Smart's IEC 61850 Software Solutions

Grid Smart Software Ltd

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Grid Smart IEC 61850 Solutions

Proof of concept & design/testing of IEC 61850 systems with the 61850easy Test Tool Grid Smart's IEC 61850 Solutions Key Software Features
Analyse and process all substation IEC 61850 data
Optimize maintenance activities
Protect and extend lifetime of owned assets
Reduce costs and increase profitability Key Benefits Applications
Next generation Substation Event Recorder for IEC 61850 systems (substations and DER)
Multiple 61850IMU’s can be connected to an entire substation to enable capture & storage of all IEC 61850 traffic - complete packaged IEC 61850 test set solution
- entry level testing solution and ability to add-on extra functionality packages:
Packages also available in VIRTUAL format Test Tool Testing of IEC 61850 based systems, in a laboratory environment and FAT, SAT
Design and functional testing of IEC 61850 systems
Commissioning of IEC 61850 based systems Applications Key Benefits Reduce project execution duration in configuration and testing phases
Increase the efficiency of client site commissioning actions
Improve quality of IEC 61850 engineering activities
Increase knowledge in IEC 61850 standards and implementation Substation Recorder A new generation of substation recorder
Embedded software solution on compatible hardware platform or available as a VIRTUAL Package
Connects to substation LAN Why IEC 61850? IEC 61850 – recognised worldwide standard for protection, control & communication of substation automation
Simple substation structure and interoperability
Save time, costs on configuration, commissioning and maintenance IEC 61850 Solutions Verification of server implementations
Learning the IEC 61850 standard
Demonstrations of IEC 61850 IEDs
Training & education purposes Significantly reduce wiring complexity
Reduce footprint of site/substation installation
Cost reduction in IEC 61850 architecture, design and implementation
Improve profitability GOOSE Publisher & Subscriber
– Individual GOOSE Simulation
– Simulation of an IED’s configured GOOSE
– GOOSE Sequencer (create, play and record
triggered sequences)
– GOOSE Live Analysis (Filtering by DataSets,
Data Attributes, Events)
Supports use of VLANs and priority tagging
Embedded Tools
– Dynamic Help
– SCL Viewer & Diff
– COMTRADE Viewer 'Capture' all IEC 61850 traffic within a substation environment
Enables operators to monitor, manage & optimise their lifetime assets
Access to all IEC 61850 substation data by authorised personnel Native builds on IEC 61850-3 certified platforms such as Advantech UNO-4683 and MOXA DA-683
Can be installed on RuggedAPE™ (Application Processing Engine) from RuggedCom® for live monitoring and short term recording functionality
Also available as VIRTUAL package
IEC 61850 replaces wiring between feeders, control switches and signalling devices
Increased reliability via one communication channel for all data - in real time, synchronized via Ethernet Simulates Build the DataSet, then send the packet into the network Visualizes Visualize the IEC 61850 network traffic Recording, processing and monitoring of IEC 61850 substation data to control and process technicians
Archiving, reporting and presenting of IEC 61850 substation data to the upper business and management hierarchy
Complete overview of IEC 61850 functionality within the
substation for all relevant personnel Supports Key Software Features Live Monitoring GOOSE DataSets Live GOOSE Events Live Analyzer The Analyzer stores all captured IEC 61850 data to enable various information requests and access to archived MMS Reports and GOOSE Messages Buffered Reports Search - enables user defined search of Buffered reports Simulate GOOSE - Send bespoke GOOSE packets GOOSE Events Logger - enables user defined search of GOOSE events Monitoring & recording applications for IEC 61850 systems with the 61850IMU Substation Recorder Available in various options: 61850easy Test Set 61850easy Core Package GOOSE Publisher Package Add-On MMS Services Package Add-On Multivendor Interoperability
MMS Read/Write
MMS Client
– Live MMS Reports (Buffered & Unbuffered)
– MMS Discovery
Analyzer for archiving, searching and analysing GOOSE and MMS Reports Multivendor Interoperability
MMS Read/Write
MMS Client
– Live MMS Reports (Buffered & Unbuffered)
– MMS Discovery
Analyzer for archiving, searching and analysing GOOSE and MMS Reports GOOSE Subscriber
– GOOSE Live Analysis (Filtering by DataSets,
Data Attributes, Events)
Supports use of VLANs and priority tagging
Embedded Tools
– Dynamic Help
– SCL Viewer and Diff
– COMTRADE Viewer User definable search criteria View selected report data and quickly identify using colour code Edit the frame header Select, edit & add DataSet elements Simulate Devices - publish GOOSE messages from a configured device Select a device and GOOSE packet Manually change the values View specific device information:
Name, IP, MAC Address, GOOSE Publisher & Subscriber data Drill down into the packet details Import an SCD file and view the GOOSE traffic flow '61850easy' View - view live device information Browse the device's object model & logical nodes View live values from the polled device Select a device, GOOSE & DataSet Presents only Sequence Number zero's View the packet details Time range filter Filter by device, GOOSE ID & dataSet View selected GOOSE events & additional packet details For more information contact Grid Smart Software Limited
1 Merchant Court | Monkton Business Park South
Hebburn | Tyne and Wear | NE31 2EX | England

EMAIL: team@61850easy.com | WEB: www.61850easy.com
TELEPHONE: +44 (0)191 495 5240 | SUPPORT: +44 (0)191 4955241 View Live GOOSE DataSets as they are captured View the devices published DataSet elements ... ...and the corresponding subscribing devices Create, save and re-load multi-stage GOOSE test sequences Select from devices you have added to 61850easy database Select a GOOSE control block... ...and browse the dataSet elements you want to add as a simulation or trigger Edit the values of the dataSet elements to be simulated Input data for the logical triggers or utilize the timer function User controls for sequence stage creation, deletion and modification
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