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The Impact of Motown Records On the Music Industry

My presentation of how the Motown Records Corporation made a major impact on the record industry.

Rochelle Hayward

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of The Impact of Motown Records On the Music Industry

The Impact of Motown Records
On the Music Industry

Tamala Records was founded by Berry Gordy in January 1959 in Detroit, Michigan. Within a year, the Tamala company was merged with another record label that became known as Motown, affectionately called Hitsville U.S.A. As the company became more successful through the years, it was eventually moved to Los Angeles in 1971.
Rochelle Hayward
Music History 1
Lourdes Crosby, Instructor
Section 2052-06
Motown had a massive influence in the music industry in being that is was a successful black owned record label during the height of racial inequality. Music from Motown broke down racial barriers in the black & white communities in America and throughout the world igniting cultural change in the music industry.
The music of Motown was labeled as the Sound of Young America. Music released from Motown catapulted the issues of social change in the music industry, especially amongst young people of all races. The young people were brouhgt together even during the racial turbulaence of the 50s and 60s.

Google Image 60's Dancing
Google Image Motown Logo
Injustice ran rampant for black people in the entertainment industry by not allowing them to show who they were on their own album covers. Motown was key in bringing some of the most notable artists such as Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5 to the main stream by finally being able to use their own image on record releases. Black artists also started appearing on T.V. and performing in movies.
Google Images via Motown Artists
When Berry Gordy recruited artists for his record label , he knew he would have to work on more than just developing their raw talent. So he came up with the concept of having an artists development staff for stage presentation, etiquette, voice technique, imaging, and performance .
Google Image Words
Motown is the hallmark of being the first African American label to reach widespread national acclaim. Berry Gordy paved the way for such record label moguls as Russell Simmons co-founder of Def Jam, Andre Harrell former CEO of Uptown Records, and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs CEO of Bad Boy.
Paving the Way........
Google Images Black Record Label owners
Artists Development.........
Breaking Down Racial Barriers.......
We're All Equal........Now Let's Dance!!!
Google Image Motown
Billboard. 4/27/96, Vol. 108 Issue 17
The Assembly Line Approach....
At Motown, Mr. Gordy came up with the idea to use an assembly line approach in cranking out the hits, along with showcasing artist. He would bring in the new artists with their natural talent, send them through the artists development system, polish them up, then use his team of phenomenal writers for hit songs, record the record, then release the record. He got the idea when he was working at the Detroit Car making plant, which utilized an assembly line.
1. http://detroit1701.org/Hitsville.html
Google Clip Art
Google Images Motown Artists
Berry Gordy Speaks.......
The Begininning......
Changing Hearts and Minds Through Music....
As Motown became more popular in American Society, it also began to have an affect on artists that would soon take over America, The British Invasion showed us that there were singers who were strongly influenced by what was going on at Motown. The music from Motown is partly responsible for desegregating American music and creating the ground work that ushered in 1960s Rock & Roll.
Ushering in Rock & Roll.....
During those racial, turbulent times, white artists were known to take the track of a black artist and use it as their own. The musicians at Motown were pioneers in being able to manipulate insturments into making different sounds, so as to prevent white artists from duplicating it.
It's Not Nice To Steal.......
USA Today Magazine. Dec95, Vol. 124 Issue 2607

What is the Motown Sound?
During the early days, the Motown Sound was an extraordinary blend of R&B, Gospel, Swing, and Pop. It incorporated a call and response style of singing that originated from gospel, a distinctive melodic and chord structure, tambourines, drums, and bass. It was also defined by the use of string and horn sections infectious harmonies, but without a doubt, it was all those wonderful voices that really brought the music to life.
Google Image Tamala/Motown
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