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The Kite Runner: Ten Raka'ts of Prayer

No description

Kenneth Barga

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Kite Runner: Ten Raka'ts of Prayer

Ten Raka'ts of Noontime Prayer By: Kenneth Barga Scene (Pg 108) During Amir's description of Kabul on page 108, he states "People went to mosques for their ten raka'ts of noontime prayer."

Amir describes Kabul as his father helps Ali and Hassan prepare to leave. What is a "Raka't"? A raka't is basically a form of prayer. During the process of one raka't, a worshiper will recite verses from the Quran while standing. Then the worshiper will bow down, with his hands on his knees, and wait for God's orders. Afterwards, the person will rest his head and nose on the ground, with his elbows up, and state "Peace be upon you and God's blessing." What happens if a person misses a raka't? If one misses a certain portion of the prayer, the person will have to either recite the prayer over again or the person will recite two prayers for "forgetfulness." Youtube - 1:20
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