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Los Angeles Travel Brochure

No description

Kaitlyn Short

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Los Angeles Travel Brochure

Los Angeles, California
The Golden State, well known in LA for it's California burgers and fries
Mexicali Taco & Co., serving up tacos, salsa, and other delicious Mexican foods
The Boiling Crab, where they've got lots of fresh seafood with a Cajun-flavored twist
Average Weather
Los Angeles is typically warm, with average highs ranging from high 60s to mid 80s all year round
Average lows range from the 40s in January to mid 60s in the summer months
Usually a sunny city, Los Angeles is normally without heavy cloud cover
Things To Do
The Santa Monica Pier right outside LA is home to a great beach and plenty of restaurants, a lively pier, and bike trail for the adventurous
Los Angeles County Museum of Art holds many wonderful displays, both inside and outside the museum
Griffith Park is a great family-friendly place, home to the Los Angeles Zoo and Griffith Observatory, which has a wonderful view of the famous Hollywood sign
Do you want a hotel...
In the city?
By the beach?
Magic Castle Hotel
Park Plaza Lodge Hotel
Hollywood Hotel
Ocean View Hotel
Hotel California
The Huntley Hotel
A City Guide of LA
In and around Los Angeles, there are many things to do:
Travel to see the Hollywood sign
Visit Santa Monica and Venice, two popular towns around LA
Hollywood isn't too far away, and there are many attractions there, such as Universal Studios
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