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Like Sand Through the Hourglass...

No description

Armelle H.

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Like Sand Through the Hourglass...

Armelle Cordelia Sara Maria Gonzalez Harper, I
Production Assignments
Summer Memories
Outside Shows
Bin Progression
Anthems for the Duration
Favorite Classes
Theatre History
Introduction to Directing with JW
Introduction to Lighting Design
Pre-Emeritus Visiting Resident Lecturer
2015 Jessica Dean Turner Baddest Bitch Award Recipient
THE Graduating BFA Stage Management Class of 2016
Introduction to Latin America
Introduction to Astronomy
Ice Skating if you can already skate.
All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
How Will I Know by Whitney Houston
Flawless by Beyonce
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
Corner of the Sky from Pippin
Morning Glow from Pippin
Children Will Listen from Into the Woods
Krannert is here to make you better, but not to make you fall in love with it. Take the lessons and run with them. Know that your time here is for learning, not for being perfect the entire time.
Your words are your most powerful friend and your most powerful enemy. Never underestimate how much you are defining yourself every time you speak.
Making paperwork is 30% of the job, at most. The rest is people-work.
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