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Copy of Portfolio


Pamela Gallegos

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Portfolio

Samson & Delilah Pamela Gallegos
Fashion Designer Independent work Generation NOW Vanilla's collection Gestalt Graduation Show 06 Generation Now is a space for emerging talent in the Mexican fashion world as a prelude of the Fashion Week, where present in 2007 the collection s/s 2008 Vanilla Photo shooting with
Liv Tyler by ELLE magazine Mexico; top by Vanilla s/s 2007 Vanilla Top at the Veintitantos magazine on August 2007 edition Swimsuit June 2007 edition of ELLE magazine: Dress and top by Vanilla s/s 2007 Design and creation of costumes for the classic ballet of Camille Saint Saëns "Samson & Delilah" This show was attended by the Mexican Fashion Editor in chief of ELLE Mexico magazine
Mrs. Sara Galindo This is the final collection in response to the thesis "How the mass media have distorted the national identity in dress". With a target market of Mexican woman form 25 to 35 years old that lie in the area of Veracruz - Boca del Rio with and average median income, women that works and at the same time race a family. These garments were designed for specific clients for different occasions such as weddings, graduations and ceremonies Vanilla is a Women's wear casual label for young women workers who like good clothes and follow the trends. I'm a Mexican Fashion Designer graduated in 2006 with the Design and Fashion Marketing Degree from Centro de Estudios Gestalt in Veracruz, Mexico.

I view garments as a way of expressing ideas, thought and feelings.

Been a Fashion Designer in this century where life is so fast, most of the time we need to be alert, with eyes open ready to feel and capture the small detail that can give you the chance to develop the new story.

Developing garments the Fashion Designer become a storyteller, with colors, silhouettes, fabrics, trims, we write a new story every collection.

I'm passionate for my profession, every morning I wake up with the purpose of fulfilling goals, take on the challenges and generate creative ideas for the solutions of problems.

As Picasso said,
"Inspiration exist but it has to fine me working" July 2006 Veracruz, Mexico. March 2007 Clavijero Theater, Veracruz, Mexico. October 2007, Mexico City Globus Awards
2011 & 2012 Oct 2011 & Dec 2012 Chennai, India Globus is a leading
clothing brand in India,
with 20th stores
focus on Casual
Women's, Men's wear
and Accessories. Raffles Millennium International is an Colleges headquarter in Singapore with 33 campuses in Asia- Pacific around 13 countries. Raffles Millennium International Campus Chennai, India On April 2012 Femina Magazine
Tamil Edition published
an article about "Must have"
SS 2012, the faculty team
of RMI Chennai was invited. Sketches Pamela Gallegos
Fashion designer
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