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Copy of my hbcu project

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sydney Johnson

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of my hbcu project

By: Sydney Johnson
My HBCU Project
This school is a HBCU in Florida. It was founded on October 3,1887. Thomas DeSaille Tucker [1887-1901], an attorney from Pensacola, was chosen to be the first president. Dr. Elmira Mangum was selected to become FAMU's 11th and current President . The school's studies are Agricultural and Mechanical but they are known for journalism too.
Florida A & M University
My source says that this school made a lot of impacts on society. She says that this school educated a lot of African-Americans such as Frederick Stephen Humphries, the first African-American to get his PhD from that school. He was also the president of that school when my source was there. this school as also been noticed as being a top school in Florida. It was ranked #1 in recruiting national achievement scholars.
Impact on Community
This video shows what FAMU is really all about. When you look at this video it shows that this is a really great school. It has a great band, great academics, stars on the field, and in the classrooms. The campus also has great weather says my source.
Campus life
My source is our very own.... Principal Thomas. She says that it was an opportunity to grow and become a profession. Also that this has a very intense focus on growing crops. Principal Thomas first majored in pharmacy but she did not enjoy chemistry then by her sophomore year she switched over to elementary education. The teachers made them visit schools to make sure that the students wanted to be teachers. She loved to to hear the band play and went to the football and basketball games.
Meet my Source
Famous person who attended FAMU
One famous person who attended this school was Kevin Elliott. Kevin Elliott is an American football wide receiver for the Brooklyn Bolts of the Fall Experimental Football League. He was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He played college football at Florida A&M.
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