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Home Gaurd by hamza and liam

No description


on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Home Gaurd by hamza and liam

The men were given Milletery style training and equipment to get them ready to defend there country:
Machine guns
Armadillo armoured trucks
Training and equipment
The jobs !
Home Gaurd
By liam and Hamza
why was there the home Gaurds ?
The Home Gaurds where needed because if the Germens invaded the uk, the uk would want to make sure they don't, so home gaurds were needed to potrol the area.
Once they were fully trained up, they were ready to do there jobs like a normal guard would do. They potrolled the important areas like :
The coastlines
railway stations
explosive and wepontry stores and places
On 22 May 1940, eight days after the formation of the LDV, it was announced by the War Office that 250,000 field service caps were to be distributed as the first part of the uniform. There uniform was coloured the same as the trees and bushes so people could camoflague.
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