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No description

Payton Hilscher

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft

This is Minecraft.
This is a crafting table you can craft stuff on it.
This is steve he is your character you play as him.
These are mobs you have to battle them at night.
This is a diamond.
But you need a iron picaxe to mine it
this saves your stuff in your backpack so it is not in your hand.
This is your invintory like a backpack.
That is how to craft a crafting table
with wooden plankes.
You might need armor.
and a sword
This is what a diamons ore looks like.
Minecraft is all about exploring and surviving.
You can mine and have to to find and kill animals to get food.
These are Blazes when you kill
them they give Blaze rod
And blaze powder is used for something later on
This is a stronghold
This is the end you fight the ender dragon
you are supposed to put eyes of ender all around in those wholes and then jump in.
you take
ender pearls
and blaze powder in your crafting square
like this
when your more skilled
you can make cool things
out of redstone
Then updates come out and the
new things
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