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magical realism presentation

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monqiue moultrie

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of magical realism presentation

magical realism presentation
What modern movies involve magical realism?
Who first used the term magical realism?
What does magical realism look like? And How would you describe it?
what magical realism looks like is out of the ordinary is real life, but in a story or a picture looks normal.
How did the term “Magic Realism” make its way from the visual to the literary arts?
in the 1920s when Franz Roh was first using it he used it to explain the german art. then when it was pick up in the 1940s Latin american authors started using it for novels.
How does Magic Realism differ from fantasy?
The difference of magical realism and fantasy is. In magical realism readers are made to believe that something strange can really happen. In fantasy there is unrealistic world that will never happen, such as the Lord of the Rings.
Why Magic Realism is so closely associated with Latin American writers
why magical realism is so closely associated with Latin America is one the one who made it popular
What techniques does Magic Realism use to blend the “magical” and the “real”?
How magic and real is blended in magical realism is a equal amount of both elements.
What are the political implications of Magical Realism?
some political implications are it " implicit criticism of society , particularity the elite".
Some example of modern movies that involve magical realism are august rush , the mask , big fish, the curios case of Benjamin button and Edward sciossorhands.
franz roh was the first to used the term magical realism in 1925.
4. http://www.writingclasses.com/WritersResources/AskTheWriterDetail.php?ID=104
5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_realism
How did the term “Magic Realism” make its way from the visual to the literary arts?

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