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Prometheus by Bernard Evslin

No description

daniela campusano

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Prometheus by Bernard Evslin

By: Bernard Evslin Prometheus Vocabulary Bernard Evslin Background to the myth Development Begining Ending In my opinion... aptitude:natural ability Zeus, Prometheus, and Hades
The Greek gods were not all equal in
power or status. Prometheus was a
part of a family of giants, the Titans.
Zeus defeated them and became ruler
of all gods. He ordered Prometheus to
create humans. Hades, who appears
in “Orpheus and Eurydice,” was the
ruler of the underworld. He, too,
answered to Zeus. Zeus convinced that should punish such mockery call and ordered Hephaestus to create a woman of clay, eta woman named Pandora carried with her a box filled with terrible evils that should not be open, but Pandora opened the forbidden box and evils and spread world and so Zeus could avenge Thanks to this story I realized that revenge is not good because it does not know it can happen because things are constantly changing and people to the point of betraying. infinitely:extremely; greatly endow : to provide with a quality or talent caprice: the quality of acting without planning or thinking beforehand. vengeance:
the infliction of
punishment in return for
an offense forges: places where metal is heated and hammered into shape. Caucasus : a mountainous region in southeastern Europe. Bernard Evslin
Drawn to Myths In the mid-1960s, Bernard Evslin found his calling retelling myths andlegends.
His 1986 book Hercules won the
Washington Irving Children’s Book
Choice Award. Prometheus was a Titan who liked to provoke the wrath of Zeus until I get to the point of stealing the sacred fire to mortals.
Prometheus entered the Olympus and precious treasure stolen truck as the sun god and gave it to mortals. Zeus Hephaestus to chain control to the top of a mountain where an eagle Prometheus would eat the liver, but as he was immortal liver grew back.
Heracles freed Prometheus Fianlmente knocking the eagle with an arrow and so Zeus no longer pursued after Prometheus.
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