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Getting Started on the Varsity Tutors Platform

No description

Varsity Tutors

on 14 June 2018

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Transcript of Getting Started on the Varsity Tutors Platform

To begin, visit
and sign on using the email address you provided and the password emailed to you
at the beginning of the interview process.

From here, you may watch the
Getting Started Videos
at the top of your profile.

Click the
Tutor Resources
tab to access the Tutoring FAQ and Opportunities FAQ.

Have a question? We recommend checking here for an answer.
Welcome! You are about to begin utilizing the
Varsity Tutors
online platform to obtain tutoring opportunities.
Ready to work on your profile? Click the
tab to complete the fields shown below.

Your photo, personal statement, hobbies, and interests will be visible to clients and generate client opportunities.

Your profile is
very important
– it is a client’s first impression of you and the placement system uses information from it to help you connect with tutoring opportunities.
Continue to scroll down through the additional sections within the
tab, including
Personal Settings
Here you can add missing
information to your profile like
In this area, you can add
primary and secondary addresses
You can also select your
here, or within the
Edit Schedule
to change when you are available to tutor.
secondary address
is optional. This space is for a second location you may be at prior to attending a tutoring session. Common examples are work or school.

We can use this to map the distance from that location to an in-person tutoring opportunity
for you.
If you make changes to the My Account Information tab, be sure to click the
Update Profile
button at the bottom of the page to save.
To receive payments, please read the two emails sent to you from


Sign into IPS via the link and credentials provided in the emails. You may then follow the step-by-step instructions included.
Once your profile is active, you will have access to the
Tutor Opportunities
board, which will be updated in real time with all potential opportunities that fit your schedule, location, subjects, travel radius, and other criteria.
You will have the chance to view the details of the assignment, client preferred times, and location prior to expressing positive or negative interest in a potential tutoring opportunity.
Completing your tutor account
Payment set-up
Accessing tutoring opportunities
Accessing instant tutoring opportunities
In this presentation, we will cover...
Payment Setup
Completing your tutor account
Accessing tutoring opportunities
Accessing instant tutoring opportunities
Looking for more or different tutoring opportunities? Make yourself available for
instant tutoring
opportunities any time online!

Before you get started obtaining students to tutor through the platform, we will introduce you to the online platform and explain how to navigate it.
You are now ready to use the Varsity Tutors Marketplace! Should you run into any issues, the FAQs are available to help.

Need additional support? After checking the FAQs, contact tutors@varsitytutors.com
primary address
is your place of residence.
Access instant sessions on your
Tutoring Opportunities
board at times when you are
available, rather than scheduling with clients.
Accessing Your Tutor Account
for the Varsity Tutors Platform

: It is extremely important that before accepting an opportunity that the schedule, location, and duration of the engagement is a fit for you. If you have any questions about the assignment or material that needs to be covered please ask


accepting the assignment.

Thank you!
Please note:

Your Social Security Number must be entered before payments can be issued, and before you can see opportunities.
Tutor through the
online tutoring platform
No long-term commitment
Offered in

70+ subjects
New subjects added regularly
Sessions invoiced in
15-minute increments

Alerts for potential instant tutoring sessions also appear
at the top of the screen

It is very important to note that once you have expressed interest in a student you are committing to hold that time slot open for 24-hours. If after 24-hours you have not been assigned to work with the student or contacted by a director to hold that slot for longer, you may release that time slot for other clients.
Contract &
Important Documents
Cancellation Policies
Tutor no shows:

Tutor owes the client 2 free hours of tutoring
Client cancels with less than 24 hrs. notice:

Invoice the session as a 24-hour cancellation. You will be paid a cancellation fee.
Client no show:

After 15 minutes, or if you have heard from the family and they will not be making the session, you are free to leave and may log the session as a no show session. You will be paid for the entire session.
Tutor cancels with less than 24 hrs. notice:

Tutor owes the client a free hour of tutoring
But First!
Let's review a few important points from your contract and the tutor FAQs.
What does saying "Yes!" mean?
Clicking “Yes” to an opportunity gives VT the green light to assign you to a student without further discussion, should you turn out to be the best match. Remember, there is a real student on the other end of your responses, so being thoughtful and confident when clicking "Yes" is extremely important.
Put Your Best
Foot Forward!
Recommendations for success
Non-Solicitation Policy

Varsity tutors has a strict Non-solicitation policy in our contracts with tutors and clients. If clients and tutors are found in breach of their contracts, there are significant damages.
Minimum session lengths

K- 5th grade: 1 hour
6th grade and up (academic subjects): 1.5 hours
Test Prep (any age): 2 hours
Reccomendations for Success
Once you have been assigned a student, please contact the family within 24 hours to introduce yourself and confirm the first session.
Conducting Sessions
It’s important to walk into every session as a confident professional tutor. It’s important to convey that feeling to our clients. Please dress professionally, be on time and maintain good communication with your clients. Always make sure you have the next session scheduled when you leave a session with a student. This will help keep you and your client meeting on a regular basis and ensure that the student is getting the support needed to make the progress that they expect.
If a situation arises where you need a substitute or need a replacement, please notify your director before speaking with your students. We will work with you to determine the best course of action for you and the student.
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