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No description

Teacher Prep SMEE

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of SMEE

SMEE 2012 BINGO for Books Amy Babinski Collecting books The SMEE Experience Madyson
Toree Emma
Alex Watching kids win BINGO! "This is the best book ever!" Calling BINGO cards Passing out stickers Overall Experience: An amazing way to see a child filled with joy Madyson Taylor Collecting Candy Collecting Books 55 books Stressful The time we had to get enough books How many bags of candy to purchase from the Good Will 5 books from my house Winning at Bingo faces lit up candy books & Full Classroom of Kids quiet listen to directions Overall Experience: great opportunity to see how kids react when they are excited about something. Hailee Emma Hutton Overall Experience: SMEE was a great
experience and I learned a lot about preparation and organization. We put a lot of hard work into it and it all payed off in the long run. Working with the children and observing taught me through a hands on experience. Alexzandria Elsea Collecting Books 50 books Toree Rewerts Overall: It was a great experience to be able to work with the children and a great opportunity to be able to work together with the children The children watching the children's face when they finally got a bingo was a great expirence to go through The children kept coming back for more books. They would get so excited to get one of their own books Helping I got to help with calling out
bingo cards
and giving out stickers collecting books making letters buying candy getting bingo sheets meetings putting a 5 page paper together Lauren Chaffee Making the Bingo Sheets Kids Faces Making GREAT new friends! Giving Back! THE END!!!!! Hailee Tanner Preparation Kids Faces Teaching
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