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solo taxonomy

introduction for the learning forum

gareth williams

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of solo taxonomy

Connecting learning - securing progress So what is the solo taxonomy? This is quite a nice analogy Task 1 Look at the 5 statements about AFL

try and complete the SOLO Assessment rubric SOLO Taxonomy I've heard of it but don't really know anything 5 typical ways to answer a question Prestructural
I’m not sure about this subject SOLO (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) is a model of learning that helps develop a common understanding & language of learning that helps teachers (and students) understand the learning process. “SOLO Taxonomy provides a simple and robust way of describing how learning outcomes grow in complexity from surface to deep understanding”

Biggs & Collis 1982 Unistructural
I have one idea about this subject One use in the classroom Using SOLO to support AFL:

The rubric for self assessment or teacher assessment to inform teaching What happend next? getting more complex


Stem and leaf diagram Started simple:


Stem and leaf diagram just using a poster, with a bit of explaining, pupils were asked to decide where they were based on the lesson title and objectives - they drew the icon and revisited at the end of the lesson I used a HOT MAP to recap the previous lesson. This starter required pupils to define a stem and leaf diagram.

lego video and rubric was used 8x2:
S&L modeled to PS/US
while MS/R invited to calculate averages from the same set of data
used their initial assessment to form questions
written feedback Multistuctrural
I have several ideas about this subject Relational
I can link my ideas together to see the big picture… Task 2 working in subject areas (or individually if you wish/need to) design an assessment rubric for a topic you are teaching Differentiated Questions Being cognisant of the Taxonomy while asking question can help frame differentiated questions - think about the level of outcome you want that pupil to demonstrate. (the next level on their journey) Task 3 SOLO questions: based on the X-Factor rubric - visit each station and create a question designed to illicit that level of response we have a solo rubric to prompt your thoughts Extended abstract
I can look at these ideas in a new and different way. Plenary tasks Use the Define HOT Map to collect your thought on the SOLO Taxonomy Feed back to college or department meetings Try SOLO for your self Intersession Activities There is supposed to be a feed back deep after Christmas to share what has been happening with each other Please fill out an intentions card
pick a group
design and use a SOLO rubrick
note what you do based on pupils outcomes
evaluate effect on learning
why not have someone watch the lesson and offor oppinions http://edu.glogster.com/go/95851b?ive1
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