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The Mystery of the Water Cycle

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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of The Mystery of the Water Cycle

The Mystery of the Water Cycle

The water in the world changes everyday because one day it can be in the ocean and the next day it's in the sky.
Water changes everyday because sometimes it turns into ground water but others it turns into salt water.
What would go wrong without one part of the watercycle
Without one part of the watercycle we wouldn't have rain because for example if we didn't have precipitation rain wouldn't fall.
Without one part of the water cycle our planet Earth would be dry like a desert.
Fun Facts
During the cycle water changes between solids liquids and gases.
A large majerity of all the precipitation turns into parts of our oceans .
Once droplets become to heavy to be sustained they all join the ocean or become groundwater.
Condensation occurs when the water vapor in the air cools and turns to tiny droplets of water. These droplets come together in the sky to form clouds in the sky. Once the droplet become to heavy to stay in the air, they begin to fall to the ground in form of rain, hail, or snow.
The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle has no begging nor end it can start at any stage and it will continue
The Water Cycle helps the Earth reusing all of the water on our planet to keep all living things alive.
The water cycle contains six stages that keep the water cycle functaioning.
The Stages of the Water Cycle
Evaporation is when the suns heat energy warms the water found on earth and turns it into water vapor which then rises up into the air. The water comes from rivers oceans lakes and even puddles you see on the side walk.
Is when clouds have collected enough water to hold, then the water droplets fall and create rain,hail,or snow.When the water falls back to the ground as precipitation it falls everywhere even in between the rocks.
Transpiration is evaporation of the of the water in the atmosphere from the leaves and stems of plants.It supports the water cycle because the plants absorb soil water through their roots and this can originate from deep in the soil.Plant pump the water up from the soil to deliver nutrients to their leaves.
Run Off
is the movement of land water to the oceans,in the form of rivers,lakes and streams.Arun off supports the water cycle because the run off consists of precipitation that neither evaporates transpirers nor penetrates the surface to become groundwater.
Groundwater is all the water that has been penetrated, the Earth's surface and its found in one of two soil layers there are 4 layers for the groundwater they are surface layer of the water table. Those layers support the water cycle the groundwater is the last stage.
Can The Water Cycle Start At Any Stage?
The water cycle can start at any stage because it will just keep going and going act...
The water cycle has no set begging nor end because for example if it starts at condensation it will just lead to groundwater and so ect...
by :Miguel Morales ,Angelo Rodriguez,Nadia Raya ,Arely Barrales
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