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How has the entertainment world helped highlighting a socio

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apohan saxena

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of How has the entertainment world helped highlighting a socio

OH MY GOD as an example of movie
Slaughter House 5
Yes they do affect us in an adverse way, using different types of WOK to appeal to the public. Be it Kurt Vonnegut, or Media talking about IPL wasting water ,in fact even OH MY GOD talking about blind belief of people, all use ethics, history or human science as an AOK and reason and emotion as WOK.
Sources of entertainment
How has the entertainment world helped highlighting a socio economic cause.
Apohan Saxena,
Keshav Dangayach
Pranay Goyal
Written by Kurt Vonnegut.
Explores the Horrors of war
What it feels like to lose loved ones
Uses AOK such as History and Ethics
Uses WOK to appeal to the reader, such as emotion and reason.

Please follow the link below

AOKs used
Woks used
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