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Alexandra Bushatz

on 25 October 2013

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In rural regions of Honduras nearly 63% of the population is considered poor, living on less than a dollar a day. Families often work as subsistence farmers- growing only what they can use to feed their own families, and leaving very little money for other purchases.
Water crisis
Information and facts
Water crises
-Honduras access to improved water sources is only 87%

-Access to improved sanitation is only 69%
Water crisis
Honduras is the knee of Central America, bordered to the south by Nicaragua and El Salvador and to the west by Guatemala.
Water crisis
The water problem effects a lot of people in Honduras making it hard to find nutritious and clean sources of water
Hurricane Mitch caused landslides, floods, it buried towns, and killed thousands of people.
The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa and its located in Central America.
Honduras was rich in water but since hurricane Mitch the water supply is low and this effects many people.
Information and facts
Information and facts
People in Honduras spend up to 6 hours getting clean or pure water.
Information and facts
Until the reconstruction is completed people have to rely on contaminated water supplies, and the prevalence of waterborne diseases like cholera.
Water crisis
Some problems in Honduras are around the area of water. Farmers cant grow very nutritious crops to sell with the waste water that is used so they only grow what they need to feed their families leaving very little money for other items.
Problems in country
taking action
Because of hurricane Mitch the water sources are scarce most people spend up to six hours trying to collect fresh water and carrying it home on their heads.
The hurricane Mitch caused water shortages in towns and other parts of Honduras causing pipes and water transports to be damaged or tainted.
Problems in the country
Problems in the country
The fact that people are exposed to contaminated water and waterborne diseases increase the risk of catching things like Cholera.
Taking action
Taking action

rebuilding houses and finding fresh sources of water can help with the problem greatly.
Finding way to treat the water would help with the minerals that the body needs to survive.
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