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Network School

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of G

Anaemia sickle blood cell Genetic disorder
By Victoria

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Sickle cell Anemia means you have a few round
blood cells in your body. If you suffer from this disorder you will have Sickle blood cells that is shaped like a crescent.
A normal blood cell can live for 120 days.
A Sickle cell can only live for 10 days.

The Symptoms are your hand and feet start swelling because the sickle cells blood cells can not send oxgen to the farther parts of your body.
You also may feel pain in the chest and stomach or bones.
You also feel tired when you wake up in the morings,working out.
Pale skin is cause by less blood cells.
High fevers sign of infection.
Heart beats faster becauesthe heart has to work harder to send oxgen around the body.

What is this Sickle cell Anemia
Time to watch
Signs and Symptoms
What causes this disease
Treatment for this disease

This type of disease will stay in your body forever it will not be gone.Also you can make it better here are types of medicines and treatments.
Folic acid to help continue to produce red blood cells.
Antibiotics to stop infections.
For the pain you can help it reduce by eating veggies and drinking lots of water.
pain killers to kill pain

This type of disease you can not catch it from other not like a flu or cold. This type of disease kids are born with it they get their parents genes.
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