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Tim Hortons Franchise

No description

Raj Bhangal

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Tim Hortons Franchise

How did it begin?
Overall for the size of the party, they have done decent as they have obtained a number of seats in the House Of Commons. Unfortunately, the party wasn't able to form the government as they didn't have enough seats. There were no major electoral wins or losses.
Why I chose this topic..
Everyday on the news you hear about people being shot and killed all over the city.
Every time I see that on one of the headlines, something in my mind tells me that I have to do something to change these violent crimes, not just for our generation but for the generations to come.
This topic is very important to me as I want to raise awareness and build a safer and more protected society for the future!
Major Figures, policies and events
Tim Hortons
Franchise Assignment
By: Raj Bhangal
Prabhjot Gill

Past Elections
The current party president is Dorian Baxter.
The key areas that this party places great emphasis on is:
Sustainable Prosperity
Global Community
Significance of the topic
We as a society, need to be more aware of this issue as it is more prevalent in our community!
Day by day, these violent crimes are becoming more common and more violent, and WE as a society are not doing enough about this issue.
If we can put an end to this harmful issue now, our future generations can live their lives without worrying about criminals on the street with deadly firearms!
What I have done to raise awareness amongst our community
Sinclair Mcnight Stevens
First elected into house of commons in the 1972 federal election.
Ran as candidate in 1976 Progressive Conservative leadership convention and finished 7th on the 1st ballot.
Served as president of the treasury board from 1979-1980
Served as the minister of Industry Trade and Commerce.
Introduced legislation creating Investment Canada in 1984
Areas of Interest
1. Agriculture:
They see family farms as one of the greatest examples of "Small Business"
In favour of "100 Mile Challenge" to help local farms and agricultural business'
Supports small businesses
2. Education
Introduce an educational program to help support students in post-secondary education.
Renew funding to post-secondary education.
Introduce new tax program to avoid students from going into debt.
Introduce new educational program called "Head Start" for youth to give a fair opportunity in the future
3. Healthcare
Supports a healthcare system that plays a role for small business'
Create change in education programs to avoid the severe shortage of medical staff.
4. Foreign Policy
Canada as a nation is obligated to find it's voice across the globe and set independent policies.
Works towards a goal of 0.7% of Canadian GDP to foreign aid.
That video was just another example of why we need to take action on this issue right now before it's too late!
The first thing that I have done to raise awareness in our community is complete a letter campaign.
A letter campaign is where you send out numerous action letters to various individuals in authority that can help you take action on your specific issue.
For example Premier Kathleen Wynne, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mayor Sussan Fennell etc.
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