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A Soldiers Life

No description

Larry Eberts

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of A Soldiers Life

"One of the standard issued weapons was the M16A1 this is the weapon most commonly associated with US troops in Vietnam.
The second standard issued weapon was the XM-177E2, known as the Colt Commando. This is a shortened version of the M-16 with a telescoping stock." - Weapons of the Vietnam war.

("Weapons of the Vietnam War '')
Chanoff, David, And Doan Van Toai. Portrait of the Enemy. New York:Random House. 1986.

Hochgesang, Josh, Tracye Lawyer, And Toby Stevenson. "The Psychological Effects Of the Vietnam War." EDGE. 26 July 1999. Web. 15 Oct. 2013

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"Weapons of the Vietnam War."173 Airborne.com 2009. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.

Where did the Soldiers come from?
How Did they Deal with the Constant Threat of Attack, and the Anxiety of War?
A Soldier's Life
What Did the Soldiers Carry?
The environment was dense and wet.
they had to walk through thick jungle and rugged mountains this was a great challenge
They couldn't walk on trails because they would be booby trapped
Not always the weather is the conditions the things they see can play a role (Chanoff)
What Ranks Were Common in Most Platoons?

Within the U.S. Army the primary combat organization is a squad. Two or more squads make up a platoon, commanded by a lieutenant, and two or more platoons compromise a company, commanded by a captain. A platoon is a basic organizational element of a company-sized unit. Commanded by a lieutenant, with a non commissioned officer second in command, it consists of two or more squads.
(The Vietnam War Almanac, pg 275)

The Conditions of the War
Works Cited
Drugs and alcohol played a major role in the lives of the American soldiers during the Vietnam war. In the beginning of the war, marijuana was the main drug of choice. However, news that American soldiers were using drugs came back to the U.S., which resulted in immediate action by the military to suppress drugs, especially marijuana. After marijuana was banned, many soldiers turned to heroin in order to get their "high". Many soldiers enjoyed heroin better than marijuana because it sped up the perception of time, whereas marijuana slowed it down. Because marijuana, heroin, and alcohol were so abundant and inexpensive in Vietnam, veterans used them to ease the stress and sometimes to forget what they saw on the battlefield. As they returned to the states, drugs were not as easy to obtain. Hochgesang
The majority of the people who fought in the war were poor working-class teenagers. The average age was 19 years old. 88.4% Of the men who actually served in Vietnam were Caucasian; 10.6% (275,000) were Black; 1% belonged to other races.
("Vietnam War Statistics")
By: Eddie Cruz, Larry Eberts, Micheal Bressler
Nick Liggit, and Brett Taylor
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