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Health Hazard In Sericulture

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dev joshi

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Health Hazard In Sericulture

Health hazards in sericulture
Some of the health hazards associated with sericulture -
Handling dead worms with bare hand can lead to infection and illness.Worker generally need dip their bare hand in warm water and judge by the touch whether the fine threads of silk have loosened enough to be wound.This causes blisters and open wound injuries causes infection
More health hazards
*Standing for almost continuously for 12 to 16 hours a day, reeling the fine threads may give backache spine and vision related problems
*It can also give respiratory problem like asthma etc
*it may lead to hearing disorder
Health hazard in wool factories
In the earlier days,the workers who sorted out wool were infected with the bacteria that causes fatal disease called anthrax,also known as sorter disease.
The bacteria are found in wool of contaminate sheep that can enter the human body through inhaled air.Nowadays,this disease occurs rarely because use of vaccination for prevention
Health Hazard In wool and sericulture

Sericulture is the rearing of silk
worm for silk it's a very complex and lengthy
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