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Timothy McCastle

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Melanoma

Who is affected
-anyone can be affected by melanoma
-mostly white and white women are affected because of the lack of melanin in their skin
-white people are more likely to die from it
-men are more likely than women regardless the severity of the tumor.
-Men make up 40% of the cases but 64% of the deaths
Early stages of melanoma can be cured or treated with surgery
more developed- interferon, clinical trial

Type of skin cancer
Not common, but is the most dangerous type of skin cancer
effects skin but also effects the bones and organs, depending on the stage, responsible of 75% of skin cancer deaths

Preventing/ Avoiding
Avoiding too much UV rays
Put on sunscreen
Avoiding tanning in the sun or tanning machines
Try to stay out of the sun in the middle of the day(10 a.m- 4p.m)

Risk factors
-fair skin, light hair, light color eyes
-history of intense sun exposure
- lots of moles(more than 100)
-large irregular moles
-close blood relatives with melanoma(parents/siblings)
-(only 10% of all melanoma cases run in the family)

Symptoms and Causes
symptoms- change in size, shape, color or the feel of an existing mole, new moles can grow irregular, change in skin texture, birthmarks shape
causes- 65% of melanoma cases are directly linked to exposure of uv rays, natural and artificial (sun and tanning beds)
- genetics have more of a part to play now than they used too and your environments are factors too


Interferon Side effects

Fevers and chills
Muscle aches and headaches
Feeling or being sick
Loss of appetite
Depression and mood changes
- hair loss

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