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David and Solomon

No description

Angela Hunt

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of David and Solomon

This image represents the struggle, with himself and others, of David's to become the great king he was.
David had to be anointed by Samuel, a prophet, to become king. David's predecessor, Saul, disappointed God and was angry that he was being replaced by a young man. David was only a humble shepard and did not want any trouble but the Lord told David to believe that he could become who he wanted and he did.
David had faith in God all through his ruli through his life and for this David was a great leader of Israel with God by his side.
David was the second King of Israel, and a great king at that. David was the youngest of eight sons of Jesse, and the grandson of Ruth. He was a shepherd, like his father. When David was about twelve years old, his brothers had to go fight for Israel, under the leadership of King Saul.

His father was worried about them, and sent David to check on them. When David arrived, a giant enemy, Goliath, was making fun of the Israelites and God. “Who will come and fight me? If he wins, we will be your slaves, but if I win, then you will be our slaves!” All the Israelites were afraid. When David saw this, he was very angry, and he said, “I will go fight him!", which he indeed did. David killed Goliath, with only his sling shot. David became quite well-known for this, and after the current king, Saul, disappointed God, David became king of Israel (Saul's predecessor).
Who was David?

Why is their story important?
Together and separately David and Solomon are really important.
They both demonstrated faith in God and had the maturity to learn and grow from their mistakes. These things are valued even in the modern day.
David is also, somewhat, a hero of the Old Testament because he defeated an enemy named Goliath (story of David and Goliath).
Image Three

Millie, Angela and Juliette
David and Solomon
Reflection on Image One
Reflection On Image Three
Reflection On Image Two
Image Two
This picture shows how both David and Solomon grew during their times as leaders and as father and son.

David went against the selfishness of his other sons and chose Solomon to be his successor, this was a struggle but Solomon still became a good king.

The two men grew and learnt from lessons taught by God and the Prophets, as they prospered as kings and showed good faith in God.
Who was Solomon?

Solomon was one of many sons of David,
and was the next King after David. However, he had to work his way to the throne. Adonijah, another of David's sons, was convinced that he was best fit for the throne. He was not a good man, and tried to steal the throne when King David was at his weakest, but this did not work out as he had hoped. David's wife, Bathsheba, knew that her son, Solomon, should be King. And so, the decision was made. Solomon was crowned. He later went on to building the first temple of worship to God, among many other things.

At a glance, this picture would represent the bond between King David and his son Solomon. However, we believe that there is more to it than a simple, literal presentation of this pair.

When this picture is looked at, there is a old, wise figure, showing a young boy around, helping him out, and passing some of their own knowledge down. There is a reflection of God in the wiser man. God helps you, loves you, and is always by your side. The boy? That's us. We are being shown the way, and even if we try to go through it alone, God will always be there to catch us if we fall.
This picture was obtained from this website: https://www.lds.org/manual/old-testament-stories/chapter-29-king-david?lang=eng

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KWL To Know Worship and Love Religion Textbook

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Reflection on Bible Passage
This story in the bible is from after Solomon's father had died. Solomon had built a temple to worship God in and he was looking for God's blessing of it.
God spoke to him for the second time and told him to walk through life with Him, stay faithful to Him and then he would be an excellent king and his family would rule over Israel forever. However, this was only if all of Solomon's descendants stayed faithful.
Further Reflection on Bible Passage
The story also tells us that Solomon respected and wanted to be near God.
He wanted his ancestors to still rule just as his family ruling had been promised by God.
Although he may not have been the best King there ever was, Solomon certainly did a great job as king in his forty-year reign, as did David.
Image One
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