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buck ruxton

No description

Ashley Loser

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of buck ruxton

Buck Ruxton
Jigsaw Murderer of England Who: What: Bodies Found: More Evidence: Changed Forensics Forever: Trial: Buck Ruxton, an Indian born physician, lived in Lancashire, England with his wife Isabella, and their maid, Mary Rogerson In a fit of rage, he strangled Isabella and killed her on September 14th, 1935 When a passerby spotted some remains under a bridge, the police searched the surrounding areas and found what was left of the bodies of Isabella Ruxton and Mary Rogerson. John Glaister: Forensic Pathologist
James Coupers Brash: Anatomist After a two week trial, Buck Ruxton was convicted of the murders of Isabella Ruxton and Mary Rogerson on March 13, 1936 Ruxton was known as a quiet, good man who often took care of poor patients for free. In reality, suffered from anger disorders and was very jealous of his wife's high status in society, and was suspicious that she was cheating on him. Realizing their maid, Rogerson, had heard the murder, he strangled her to keep her from telling the police. He then dismembered the bodies in the bathtub and scattered the remains through England, in an effort to hide them. Forensic specialists eventually had to put the bodies back together, making them the "Jig Saw Murders" . When the police questioned Ruxton, he claimed that the two women left together; Isabella was helping Mary get an abortion, which was then illegal. Buck Ruxton was arrested soon after. These scientists pioneered the use of photographic superimposition, which is simply comparing an antemortem photograph with a photograph of the skeletal remains taken at the same angle and dimensions. The evidence found by Glaister and Brash led to Ruxton's conviction and changed Forensics forever. Photographic
Superimposition: Isabella Ruxton Police sergeant Bertie Hammond was put in charge of fingerprints and discovered that a fingerprints matched Isabella Ruxton's. Various samples of hair and fibers were also analyzed and further linked Ruxton to the crime. Many of his devoted patients signed petitions for his appeal, however the court dismissed it. He was sentenced to death and was hung at Strangeway Prison on May 12, 1936
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