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Foundations of Media Planning

No description

Rosemarie Sanchez

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Foundations of Media Planning

Foundations of Media Planning Fulfills on delivering content to an audience - entertainment, information and advertisements
1. Carrier
2. Delivery system Media: Message Delivery System The duration of a media plan - from start to finish
Typically aligns with the client's fiscal year or calendar year
Aligns with a particular advertising campaign The Planning Cycle Medium Medium vs Vehicle Television
Events Vehicle The Voice, Colbert Report
Howard Stern
Vogue, ESPN Magazine
TMZ.com, ABC7.com
SXSW, Fiesta Broadway Class of carriers Individual carrier within a medium A media plan is a series of decisions that answer:
"What are the best means of delivering advertisements to prospective purchasers of my brand or service?" Media Planning How many prospects do I need or can I afford to reach?
In which media should I place ads?
How many times a month should prospects see each ad, how much is too much?
During which months should ads appear?
Where should the ads appear? In which markets and regions?
How much money should be spent in each medium? Media Plan Result Approved by Client Blueprint for selection and use of media Guide for purchasing the media Planning Buying Main task: Finding the best solutions to a set of marketing problems Media planner
Marketing professionals with media expertise Classes of Media That Are Planned three two one four Traditional Mass Media Delivers large audience quickly at relatively low cost
Frequency due to loyalty of audience
One-way communication Non Traditional Media All other media that is not traditional mass media
Place based Online Media Any communication where there is real-time interaction between the user and content provider by way of the Internet Specialized Media Special interests
Niche Traditional media has not disappeared - it has evolved due to digital The Media Mix Any combination of various media that will be used to reach a target audience Television
Place based
Emerging Branding campaigns - 1 year
New product launch campaign - pre-launch, sustain, post-launch
Seasonality - Big awards shows, elections, holidays (Nov/Dec), Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Back-to-School, Summer/ Spring heavy-ups
Brand events/ Special sales Elements 1. Media Objectives
2. Media Strategies
3. Target audience analysis/ reco
4. Media habits of target audience
5. Recommended media mix - relevant to your audience
6. Flowchart with flighting, weight levels, budgets
7. Metrics (Reach & Frequency) Questions that might be answered: Goals Objectives Strategies Tactics Specific actions.
Details of the plan. Desired end result.
High level.
From brand perspective Goals media will accomplish
How will the media plan achieve brand goals?
Reflects marketing objectives but is specific to media.
Must be measurable. Plan of action to achieve the set media objectives & effectively deliver the message.
Forms of media that will be used.
Duration of campaign. Example Media Plans Goal: Media Objective: Media Strategy: Media Tactics: Successfully launch the 2013 Lexus GS (redesign).
Re-establish relevance Build awareness of the 2013 Lexus GS redesign among current owners and prospects.
Target the on-the-go, tech-savvy professional.
Reach adults 25-49 with a male skew - sweet spot 40-somethings. Secure properties and sponsorships that are endemic to the target's lifestyle.
Utilize a combination of traditional and digital media.
Seek innovative opportunities with key partners. $47K-$59K Feature spot within Super Bowl
Utilize spread units in Sports Illustrated - Swim Suit edition
Highlight downloaded mobile game via iPhone devices
Partner with Wired magazine bringing experience to life via NFC enabled phones
Branded content in Speed Channel's "Shut up and Drive" and E! "The Soup" via mobile app
Partnered with Wall Street Journal, Motor Trend, MSN and Motor Trend
Secured events surrounding NCAA March Madness Example Media Plans Goal: Media Objective: Media Strategy: Media Tactics: Increase attendance of male movie-goers to "Act like a lady, think like a man". Build awareness among men
Target African Americans ages 18-35 Secure media properties that are endemic to the target's lifestyle.
Seek product integration where possible, leveraging film talent.
Leverage high-profile partnerships and timing to increase exposure. Created battle of the sexes-themed media blitz putting talent such as Kevin Hart, in content integrations on telecasts: BET’s Let’s Stay Together, VH1’s Basketball Wives and TNT’s Inside the NBA programming around the 2012 All-Star Game
Secure Cable primetime and sports programming
Utilized Complex magazine for print executions
Promoted "tweetstakes raffle" in Russell Simmons' Global Grind Results: Share of sales jumped from 17% from 2% in one month
Facebook "likes" increased by 39% to 1.2 mil in 2 months
GS sales to achieve 24,000 units for the year Results: Achieved $33.6 mil in box office revenue
2-Week run as #1 Example Media Plans Goal: Media Objective: Media Strategy: Media Tactics: Increase awareness of Zappos.com's extension of offerings - apparel & accessories. Reach trend conscious women who shop online
Target current Zappo.com shoppers and prospects Seek innovative opportunities that have the ability to personalize the ad message
Utilize print media - high media consumption among target audience
Secure partnerships that will generate engagment Ad Units: Secured foldout ads in October issues of InStyle and Real Simple (Time, Inc.) revealing “Personalized Closets” packed full of trendy fall items
Integration: On the front of each closet door, the magazine printed the subscriber’s name
Online sweepstakes: Encouraged readers to tweet @Zappos for the chance to win a $2,500 gift card Results: 1,500+ mentions on Twitter
20 percent increase in consumer recognition that Zappos sells more than shoes Strategic Planning Sets the foundation of the campaign If your assumptions of the target are wrong your campaign will fail Role: Monitors campaign to ensure all aspects stay on strategy
Creative & Media Briefs: Brings the target to life - mood boards and lifestyle, illustrates who this person is Background/ Overview: Who's asking you to do what and why?
What are the objectives of the communication?
Who are we talking to?
What do we know about the target audience that will help us communicate? Perceptions through studies and focus groups, etc.
What is the main idea we need to communicate? Helps guide creatives in concepting.
What might be the best way to present communication? Print materials, videos, etc.
Why should they believe us?
What action do we want them to take?
Must haves - design, legal statements, etc.
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