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The Absolute Value of Mike

No description

Nathan Hakenewerth

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of The Absolute Value of Mike

Rising action The Absolute Value of Mike
copyright 2011
By Katheryn Erskine
published by penguin group
272 pages
31 chapters
realistic fiction
Book level is 3.9
8.0 AR points Book Profile Poppy and Moo`s house in the little town in Dovover or "Do Over". Setting Main Characters The main characters are
-Mike, the protagonist; a 14 year old boy who stays with his relatives for the summer.
-Poppy, Mike`s old relative who is a couch potato because of the death of his son
-Moo, an eccentric old lady who takes Mike in for the summer.
-Past, a homeless guy who helps Mike.
-Gladys, a young accountant who helps Poppy and Moo with their financial problems.
-Karen, a lady who helps everybody and wants to adopt a child.
-Mike`s dad, a genius who drops Mike off at Poppy and Moo`s house while he is at Romania. Secondary characters. -Numchuck, a tattooed boy who nobody likes except for Gladys, because he lets her sing in his band at a tattoo parlor.
-The "three stooges", three men who try to help out the cause by making "porch pals", a mannequin that helps people with problems.
-When Mike leaves the airport, Moo didn`t know where the right plane terminal was.
-Moo tells Mike about her car, Tyrone, then they drove very fast, to their house.
-When he gets to the house, he sees that Poppy is sitting on a chair, not moving at all because of his sons death. A book Report by; Nathan Hakenewerth The Absolute Value of Mike Climax -Karen goes to Poppy to try to comfort him and try to get him on his feet.
-Mike realizes that Poppy and Moo are poor.
-Mike talks to Karen and she says she wants to adopt a child from Romania named Misha.
-Moo says Mike is very helpful, and he will try and help her adopt Misha.
-Mike tries to turn Poppy and Moo`s electric back on, so he tries to go to the electric company`s building, but gets lost and meets Past on a park bench.
-Mike asks Past if he knew where the electric company was, but Past just lets Mike use his cell phone.
-Mike and Moo go to the bank because Mike wanted to see if his dad gave him any money. They also meet Gladys.
-Mike goes to the eye doctor because he wanted to know if he could borrow his laptop to make a website and other cool things.
-Mike makes a website with the dentist`s laptop so people can donate money to bring Misha home. Expostion -Mike`s dad tells him he is going to his relatives, Poppy and Moo for the summer.
-Mike doesn`t want to go, and tries to get his dad to let him go to his friend`s vacation to the mountains, but the father doesn`t let him.
-Mike thinks it will be boring at Poppy and Moo`s house because he thinks their will not be anything to do there.
-Mike`s dad tells him that there is a project Poppy is working on, an Artisan`s Screw, and Mike`s dad thinks this will be a great way for him to get into math and engineering, but Mike has a math learning dis-ability called discalcula. Falling Action -Mike finds out that Poppy and Falling Action - Mike gets elected to be the director of Do-Over Day, a town event that has games, music and other cool activities to help raise money for Misha.
-The news comes over to Dovover and interviews Mike.
-Mike says Past is a homeless dude, but Past says he isn`t homeless. Mike gets confused and Past tells him a story. While Past is telling the story Mike gets mad and yells at him and Mike runs away.
-The day of Do Over Day he sees a letter with his name written on it on Past`s park bench. Past ran away from Do-Over. Resolution -he next day Mike gets ready for Do-Over Day Resolution -Will Mike raise enough money for Karen so she can adopt Misha?
-Will Mike be able to pull off Do-Over Day?
-To find out these questions, read the book. Book Review & Recommendation -I think this book is very good, and I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.
-I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a humorous story. About the author -Kathryn Erskine has wrote many other good books such as "Mockingbird", a national book award winner.
-She is publishing a new book "Seeing Red"
-She has a website called www.kathyerskine.com
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