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Fronting, inversion & cleft sentences

No description

Kjetil Endresen

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Fronting, inversion & cleft sentences

Fronting Inversion Inversion change the word order from SV to VS. Cleft sentence English grammar presentation Question 5: elaborate on fronting, inversion and cleft sentences by Kjetil Endresen Fronting is to put a word in the beginning of the sentence that doesn't belong there. I am finished with my presentation now. Now I am finished with my presentation. s v a o a s v o What my next slide will contain, I have no idea. Question word clauses are often fronted. Fronting can also be done with as or though. Where I will go afterwards, I will tell you in a second. Lucky as I was, I managed to finish the presentation. Lucky though I always am, I mananged to finish in time. You are to leave this classroom under no circumstances. Under no circumstances are you to leave this classroom. s v s v Inversion can also take place after as, than and so, often supplemented by an auxilliary verb. So many hours did I study that I knew the book by heart. Instead of "if", we can use inversion and put an auxilliary verb in front of the subject. I study more hours than do you. If this was a long presentation, I would have prepared better. Had this been a long presentation, I would have prepared better. s v s v v s s v A cleft sentence splits a sentence into two clauses. We have to split this sentence. s v o What we have to do is to split this sentence. s v o Prepatory It The presentation took several hours. It was the presentation that took several hours. It + form of "to be" added for emphasis. Other structures can also be used in cleft sentences. Here is where the presentation takes place. The presentation takes place here.
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