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Fighting at PRHS by Leah Gibson, Danielle Smith, Kendall Solway, And Danny Martinez

No description

Leah Gibson

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Fighting at PRHS by Leah Gibson, Danielle Smith, Kendall Solway, And Danny Martinez

Stop the Fighting Campaign Leah Gibson Target Audience: Discover the Love Ad Kendall Solway Danielle Smith Danny Martinez Fight the Hate Ad Our overall theme of this Ad was cartoon/super hero driven.
Colors: The crimson & white represent Bearcat pride. The burst shows our theme.
Put a face on it: Mr. Ohles is a respected & loved figure on campus. People won't want to dissapoint him. His quote adds depth and credibility.
The "fight" font demonstrates the cartoon feel and our pitch font is easy to read from afar. This Ad demonstrates the benfits we can receive from overcoming the hate.
Colors: the contrast between the white and black background allows the message and hands to pop. The "love" is red because symbolizes the words meaning.
"love" is a diferent font to show the difference we can make if we stop the fighting.
The hands symbolize coming together from, despite our differences and backgrounds, to form a Bearcat family. Come Together Ad Our last Ad represents physically uniting as a family and taking a stand against violence.
Colors: the black font best contrasts with the picture.
Font: the font is unique and warm.
Picture: evidence that females and males, friends or not, can have a civil relationship with each other. Our Anti-Fighting Campaign is directed towards reaching out to teenagers who struggle with appropiately handling difficult situations and overcoming the urge to resort to violence. We aim to inspire and encourage teenagers to deal with issues maturely and peacefully, to reach a rational conclusion, and to lead a postive lifestyle.
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