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Genius Hour Project

No description

Colleen Oribello

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Genius Hour Project

William G. Morgan was the man that created volleyball. It was created on February 9th, 1895. Originally volleyball was called "Mintonette". The place where he first tried the sport out, was at Holyoke, Massachusetts at his gymnasium. He was the physical fitness director at the local YMCA. One reason he invented volleyball because he wanted to combine some skills of Basketball, Baseball, Handball, and Tennis into a new sport. Another reason is because some sports weren't suitable for every person. Volleyball is suitable for every person to play. A fact about William is that he was born on January 23, 1870 and he died on December 27, 1942 at the age of 72.
All About Volleyball
Basics on Volleyball
There are 5 basic hits to use when playing volleyball.
Back then, these referees were the same as they are now. There are 2 referees. The first referee, (R1, first official, up referee) is the official referee for the game. He or she stands on a high platform on the side of the net with a whistle, signaling the next server to serve the ball. The second referee, (R2, second official, down referee) is the one standing on the floor, on the opposite side of the net of where the first referee is. He or she is basically in charge of everything that happens at the scorer's table. He or she signals any substitutions and makes sure the scorer noted it down.
Genius Hour Project
By:Colleen Oribello
Who invented Volleyball?
Volleyball is preferably played indoors. You could also play beach volleyball. When playing, people wear knee pads to protect their knees if they dive. You also wear just a t-shirt or a jersey if you're playing on a team. For bottoms, you wear shorts or sometimes for girls, spandex. To play volleyball, you need a net, at least 6 players for each team, a volleyball, and a big open space. Only 12 people can be on the court at a time. You must be in number order by your coach. The captain(s) on your team is the person that your coach picks. He or she goes along with the captain(s) on the other team to the referees. There, you handshake them and tell the your name. Then, the referee does a coin flip, you decide whose the caller. They call heads or tails. If you get heads (or tails the referee picks) you get side (or serve referee picks as well) then the other team gets serve. If the captain on your team picks side, then you rotate one space before. If you choose serve, you stay at your correct order. That way, if the other team misses a serve, you rotate clock rotation into the spot where your coach wants you to be. The first team that gets to 25 points win. But you have to be 2 points ahead. Volleyball has 3 games, the first game is to 25 points and the second is also up to 25 points. The third game either goes to 15 or 25 depending on the coaches and referees. If you win the first game, you need to win the second to win the whole game. So if you lose the second, the first team goes back in to play to determine who wins the whole thing. It's the same the other way around. Those games are the main games if you win both. if you win both, the last game is just practice and for all the "extra" players or the substitutes. Volleyball is basically just trying to keep the ball from touching the ground. But there's specific ways to keep it from touching to floor. I'm going to show you in the next slide.
Bump (forearm pass) ~ to bump, you put your hands together one on top of the other, palms facing up, then put your thumbs in pointing outward. Keep your forearms straight. To hit it, you first stay in ready position. That is when you squat, one leg outer than the other or at the same length, and hands on your thighs. So when the ball comes, you take a step with the foot at the back, or dominate foot, get your hands ready, and pretend to get out a seat, while hitting he ball. You do not move your arms, your legs do the work to give you power.
Set (overhand pass) ~ to set, you raise your hands straight, but a little foreword so you can see them. Fingers are spread apart and hands become a triangle shape. Index fingers are together and thumbs are together but don't touch. First stand in ready position, then when the ball comes, pretend you're looking through a window, again step foreword with the foot the was behind, or your dominate foot and hit the ball while your fingers move outward. Your legs still do the work.
Spike ~ to spike, you have to watch the ball and know when the right time to hit it is. Then, you run up to the net, jump up, and just hit the ball with mostly your palm, but your fingers need to be spread apart. You should aim to hit it down and be careful no to touch the net or else it will be a foul. The hand you spike it with is up to you.
Block ~ to block, you just jump up close to the net, arms over the net going to the opponents side, and try to block the ball from coming into your side.
Serves ~ to underhand serve, you extend your non dominate hand out, palms facing up. The volleyball goes into that hand. With your dominate hand, you make a fist, and the top of the fist should be flat, so that you hit the ball nice and smooth. Your approach is first step with your non dominate foot, then dominate and non dominate while being bent, legs straight. While this, you hit the ball while your hand is straight. To hit an overhand serve, you do the same approach, but this time, you toss the ball up keeping your arms straight and wait till the ball comes a little higher than your forehead, an hit it with all your power just as you were spiking it, but just far away.

Fun Facts:
How did the game of volleyball change over the years?
Hope you enjoyed and learned!
For my genius hour question, I have learned that Volleyball has been played the same since it was invented. So, I am just going to give you information on Volleyball. Hope you enjoy and learn!
The volleyball weighs 9.2 ounces and 260 grams
Volleyball was first introduced to the olympics in 1964
Pro volleyball players jump about 300 times a match
Volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world, soccer is the first
The first volleyball game was played on June 7th, 1896 so it has more than 100 years of history
The longest volleyball game was recorded in Kingston, North Carolina, it took 75 hours and 30 minutes.
For middle school, the net is 7'4" high
The court is 60ft long, so half court is 30ft
Gemini Mustangs; Girls volleyball team '13-'14
"Beginning Volleyball" by Julie Jenson
hits ball out of bounds
hits ball more than three times on a side
a player hits more than one time in a row
catches/carries ball
touches net
takes more than 8 seconds to serve
steps on foul line/attacking line (10ft from net)
you can not wear any type of jewelry
Back then, you could hit the volleyball with your feet, sometimes you can these days.
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