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Chapter 2

No description

LesLeigh Conway

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 2

Chapter 2
What is Perception?
A perception is the arousal of our senses.
A perception is how we acquire information and how we make sense of the world around us.
Our perceptions are influenced by our self-concept and our self-esteem.
Once our senses are activated, we process them.
How does your self-concept develop?
Self-concept- is your identity or subjective description of who you think you are.
Through communication with
Through the
we associate with.
Through the
we assume.
Through the
that reflect our attitudes, values, and beliefs =
self- reflexiveness
Four Factors Impacting your Self-Esteem:
Self- esteem is assessment of your worth or values as reflected in your perception of such things as your skills, abilities, talents, and appearances.
Social Comparisons
Self-fulfilling prophecy
But...Can you improve your self-esteem?
Engage in positive self-talk
Develop honest relationships
Surround yourself with positive people
Lose your baggage
Why is perception important?
Perception is in the mind of the receiver. It remains subjective rather than objective.
Our perceptual processes serve as a lens (self-concept/self-esteem). The messages that we send and receive are filtered through this lens.
Our lens is built from past experiences and how we make sense of a stimuli.
Self-Awareness and Communication:
Understanding Perception

Chapter Preview:
What is perception?
Why is perception important?
How can we enhance our perceptual accuracy?
How do we check our perceptions?
Stages of Perception:
Selecting and Attending
How can we enhance our perceptual accuracy?
Increase your awareness
Avoid stereotypes
Check your perceptions:
Indirect Perception Checking
Direct Perception Checking
Seek additional information in a passive manner.
Three Step Process:
Describe the behavior, verbal or nonverbal
Offer two possible interpretations
Request clarification
Avoid Stereotypes!
Material Self
Social Self
Spiritual Self
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