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Stacia Getz

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Grolsch: Growing Globally Group 6 Intro and History (Stacia)
Problems Prior to Friendly Takeover (Allie)
VRIO Framework (Courtney)
PESTEL (Wanting)
SWOT Analysis (Wenhao)
Takeover Overall Evaluation (Kate)
Conclusion (Meghan) Agenda Intro and History Intro and History MABA Framework
Measuring success
Other factors
Unclear Strategy
US, Australia: discount
Canada: standard
UK: premium
Market Shrinkage
Stagnant in growth
Decreases in volume Problems Prior to Friendly Takeover Premium Beer Recipe
-No additives
-Finest natural ingredients
-Long maturation process
-Often rated higher than larger brands VRIO Framework -Trademarked ceramic swingtop bottle
-Grolsch brand name
World’s 21st largest global brand
Amsterdam New modern brewery
-State-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology
-Located on major highway and shipping dock VRIO Framework Assess International Opportunities
-Market Attractiveness
~Volume, Price, Distance
-Business Assessment
~Volume, Commercial Contribution, Share of Premium Segment MABA Framework -Assigned aggregate scores to each market and graphed
-Classified as key, seeding, or trading
-Decided by senior management MABA Framework Relatively low market shares in Netherland.
Low volumes of production.
Variable production cost due to serve international market.
Payroll cost is too high.
Lack of scales and decreasing profit. Weakness It has over 400 years of history and good quality rating.
Differentiated taste and unique packaging.
Company has very clear vision and mission.
MABA Strategy
New location is close to Dutch shipping port.
Very healthy balance sheet. Strength SWOT Analysis for Grolsch Strong competition in premium beer segment and its industry.
Low price-elasticity of demand for beer.
Market shrinkage and discounting.
Imported vs. Domestic
Consumer tastes and behaviors are difficult to capture. Threats There is still a large untapped international market.
Consumers enjoy “getting a real import”. Opportunity SWOT Analysis for Grolsch PESTEL Analysis Low growth in consumption of beer
Growing trend of mergers & acquisitions
Supermarkets’ cut-price offers
Rise of the cost Economic factors: Harmonization of duty rates among European Union member states
Restriction on consumptions & containers of alcohol
Active campaign of European governments Political factors: Transferring expertise and technology
Research and development to enhance innovation
Support from media and IT are taken Growing concerns about health issues and drunk driving
Increasing acceptance of low alcohol drinks
Growth of supermarkets distribution and own-label products Technological factors: Sociocultural factors: German purity laws and the laws regarding quality of packaging
The laws strictly against illegal drinking
Alcohol advertisement restriction by certain laws
Forbid drinking alcohol in the public Legal factors: Growth of consumers’ environmental concerns
Governmental and non-governmental pressure about pollution
Reusability and recycling
2004 Brewery was environmentally friendly Ecological factors: SABMiller v. Anheuser
First mover
SABMiller: Need for premium product
Grolsch: Need for international expansion
Performed well overall internationally Takeover Evaluation Introduction and History
Problems Prior to Takeover
MABA Framewrok
Different Markets
Market Shrinkage
SWOT Analysis
Takeover Evaluation Conclusion Questions? Product Range: Grolsch and Amsterdam
Grolsch Premium Lager
pale lager
one recipe
Packaging Valuable RARE Costly to Imitate Organized to Capture Valuable RARE Costly to Imitate Organized to Capture VRIO Framework 84% more than Grolsch'e value
21st largest global brand
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