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Media Logic

Political Communication

sergio splendore

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Media Logic

Media logic
13th January 2016
Media and Politics
What media logic is?
Media logic is a broad theoretical subject
It claims about the role of media technologies and communication formats in shaping the reflexive nature of communication and social action.
.. but, we have not still clarified what media logic is and what kind of influence it does ....
Media logic is a form of communication, it is the process trough which media transmit and communicate information
It deals with how the material is organized, with the style in which is presented, the focus or emphasis, the grammar of media communication. It identifies the specific frame of reference of the production of media culture in general and of the news in particular
... still, what kind of influence
Media logic is a matter of production. It deals with the way through which media transforms reality in its representation
Information technology, communication formats and many social activities are reflexively linked. This suggests that many social activities and behavioral changes resonate communication and information technologies
The social order is increasingly mediated, which simply means that social action is shaped and informed by media technologies and the logics that orient behavior and perceptions
Media logic is combination of several technological, organizational and cultural elements
Commercial logic – every product must be sold, must be convincing, must be persuasive;
Industrial logic – the producer tend to make efficient his/her production (standardization of production);
Cultural logic – it must be understandable to its audience.

Technological logic – the media are technologies of communications which embody the ways messages are constructed, presented and circulated, also affecting the ways they are interpreted by their audiences.
Mediatization of Society
It is a concept which indicates the extension of the influence of media (considered both as a cultural technology and as an organization) into all spheres of society and social life.
Four main processes of change represent different aspects of mediatization
media extend the natural limits of human communication
media tend to substitute social activities and institutions
several sectors of society take into account the ‘media logic’

The media’s definition of reality becomes part of the social definition of reality
Effects of mediatization of politics
a) the agenda of the political debate: media determine what is relevant for public discussion;

b) the spectacularization and personalization of political communication;

c) the fragmentation of political discourse;

d) the “winnowing” effect.

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