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Daily Lesson Log (DLL) and Daily Lesson Plan (DLP)

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ma. liza alejandrino

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Daily Lesson Log (DLL) and Daily Lesson Plan (DLP)

DO 42, s. 2016
Policy Guidelines on Daily Lesson Preparation for the K to 12 Basic Education Program

It affirms the role of the K to 12 teacher as a facilitator of learning. Preparing for lessons through the Daily Lesson Log (DLL) or Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) and provides teachers with an opportunity for reflection on what learners need to learn, how learners learn, and how best to facilitate the learning process.
A good DLL/DLP includes:
1. 21st Century Skills (4 C's)
Daily Lesson Log (DLL) and Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP)
Visualizing lesson before it is taught.
2. Teaching Guide and Learning Modules (GRASPS)
3. Differentiated Instruction (RILE)
4. Contextualization and Localization (REACT)
5. Assessment (Formative and Summative)
Daily Lesson Log
is a template that teachers used to log parts of their daily lessons. It covers a day's or a week's worth of lessons. As a DepEd guideline, Teachers with at least one year of teaching experience may use the DLL.

Detailed Lesson Plan
is a thorough description of a teacher's instructions for a particular class. DLP is particularly for newly-hired teachers or teachers who join DepEd without any professional teaching experience.
Parts of DLP
I. Objectives
II. Content
III. Procedures
IV. Generalization
V. Application
VI. Evaluation
VII. Assignment
"Before you start anything, learn how to finish it."
Parts of DLL
I. Objectives
II. Content
III. Procedures
(which includes review/ motivation, discussion, application, generalization, evaluation and remediation)
IV. Remarks
V. Reflection
DLL For Subjects using Filipino Language
I. Layunin
II. Nilalaman
III. Pamamaraan
(balik-aral, pagsisimula ng aralin, pagtalakay, paglalapat, paglalahat, pagtataya at karagdagang-gawain)
IV. Mga Tala
V. Pagninilay
DLP For Subjects using Filipino Language
I. Layunin
II. Nilalaman
IV. Paglalahat
V. Paglalapat
VI. Pagtataya
VII. Takda
DLL and DLP preparation is part of teacher's core function as a facilitator of learning inside the classroom.
A good DLL/DLP includes:
Thank You!
Prepared by:
Ms. Ma. Liza T. Alejandrino
Always Remember:

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal."
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