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Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook ads to attract patrons to your digital collection!

Adam Sockel

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook Ads to attract new users to
your OverDrive-powered website! Facebook Advertising Log in to Facebook and type 'advertising'
in the search bar at the top.
This will bring you to the Facebook Advertising
home page where you’ll click 'Create an Ad' in the top-right corner. Choose what you want to advertise.
You can create awareness for your
OverDrive-powered website or you can advertise your
library’s Facebook page if you post updates and link to
your digital collection there. An 'Ad creator' wizard will open up to help you set up
your ad. This will include creating a headline and subtext.

Tips: Use buzzwords like eBooks, anytime, anywhere and free.
Make sure to mention your library name in the text area. Choose your audience:
Facebook enables you to target
specific demographics including location ,
age, interests (both general and specific), education and more. Once you select 'Place Order', you’ll be
directed to Facebook’s Ad Manager where you can track progress, view your ad and adjust your audience and reach based on your ad's success! Step #1 Step #2 Step #3 You will also be asked to upload an image for your ad. We suggest
using an OverDrive web graphic from the
Online Marketing Kit or a generic collage of devices.. Step #4 For best results, be sure to target your library's surrounding area (e.g., 50-mile radius). As you specify your demographics you'll see how many people you will reach as well as an estimated cost. Price will vary based on the size of your audience. Pricing & Scheduling:
Facebook allows you to decide how much money you’d like
to spend each day, the length of your campaign as well as the
max amount you plan to spend on your ad. You also can choose two different payment options:

•Per Click: you only pay when someone clicks on your ad
•Per impression: You pay for every 1000 people who see your ad Step #5 Step #6 For additional outreach ideas
visit the online marketing kit at http://overdrive.com/Resources/PartnerServices/MarketingOutreach/. Contact librarypartnerservices@overdrive.com with questions or to request assistance setting up your Facebook ads today! Questions?
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