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Veronica Nichols

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of math

Santa Barbra, California By: Veronica Nichols How many Miles Away?
2,971miles away How long it will take to get there...
-By care:1 day and 19 hours
-Santa Barbara is known for luxury
-Santa Barbara is known for Varied Tarrian
-Santa Barbara's Education is very well represented What I didn't know before... 3 Attractions that I will do... 1.) Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Admission fee is $10 for 1 adult.
This museum, founded in 1941, houses a prestigious and varied collection of modern and ancient art plus a special gallery for children :) . It has many different cultural varieties. 2.) Santa Barbara Zoo: Admission fee is $14 for 1 Adult.
Activities for older and younger children. You can hand feed some of the animals. Founded in 1963 by a group of community volunteers. Over 200 employees!

3. )Ty Warner Sea Center: Admission Fee is $8 for Adults.
is a great place to take the entire family. It's extremely hands on with a shark touch tank and tide pool touch tank. There's a "wet deck" area where you can help with oceanographic experiments by dropping different instruments into the water and testing the sand or the pH of the water. The center exhibits all local animals so it was a great opportunity to learn about, and see what is living in the Santa Barbara waters. Right now they are featuring a Claws exhibit with all sorts of cool crabs and fun games. $$$$$$ Pricing = I want to go here because I love art and learning new things such as techniques that I can use on my Drawings. I think it would be very interesting. = I want to go here because I want to become a Veterinarian when I'm older. I love to learn new things about Animals. I want to learn things that I didn't know before. = I want to go to this museum because you get to interact with animals. I also like to experiment and this museum has it all! -I learned that this museum was founded in 1941
-Spans more than 5,000 years of human creativity
-Originates exhibitions that travel to museums across the Americas and Europe
-Welcomes 150,000 visitors to exhibitions and activities each year -The Santa Barbara Zoo is home to 160 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects.
-More than 400 animals are exhibited in open, naturalistic habitats. -Founded in 1987
-Over the past 16 years, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History has introduced the unique environments of the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands through our Sea Center located on Stearns Wharf. Hotel Hotel Oceana Hotel per night is $263.20
6 nights would be $1,579.20 I picked this hotel because it was a 5 star hotel and it seemed to have great quality. It also has a beach right outside it. The beach is called Oceana Beach. My 2 Restaurants... -The Palace Grill: $20-$30 for a single person -I will spend $55 dollars (including tip) with my Friend. I chose this restaurant because it seemed to have good food at a good price. And it had 4 1/2 star rating which is excellent! #1 #2 Price range: $10 - $15 per person Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro For 2 people $35 (including tip) I picked this restaurant because it had great reviews. It also had 4 1/2 stars! How long does it take to get there by car? 1 day 18 hours with normal traffic. 90 Minutes = $185 per person
+$10 for deep Tissue
+ $15 for hot rocks Paetynn(My best Friend) and I are going to go to Santa Barbara! We are going to the Spa!!! "We are going to Santa for Christmas!" Day 1:Monday -Driving to Santa Barbara

-Setting aside $1,700 for food and gas

-Driving Day and night to get the trip over with

- 43 hours Driving from Malone to Santa Barbara(Alot of Coffee was bought for Paetynn and I.
Total:$1,700 Day 2: Tuesday - Check in at hotel for 6 nights which costs $1,579.20

- Eat at Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro $35

-Take a nap in hotel room because we are so tired from driving.

-When we wake up we hit the spa $420

- Went out to lunch at the Palace Grill $55

-Then we went back to the room and watched a movie that we purchased for $29.99(Soul Surfer).

- Went back to palace grill for dinner $55
Total: $2,174 Day 3: Wednesday - Ate at Renauld's Patisserie & Bistro $35

-Went to Santa Barbara Museum of Art $20

- $20 spent on a souvenir

-Went out to lunch at the Palace Grill $55

- Went to Santa Barbara Zoo $28

-$20 for souvenir

- Went to dinner at Palace Grill $55
Total: $232 Day 4: Thursday - Ate at Renauld's Patisserie & Bistro $35

-Ty Warner Sea Center $16

- $20 for Souvenir

- Ate at Renauld's Patisserie & Bistro $35

- Relaxed on Oceana Beach

- $20 on drinks to sip on at the beach

- Ate at Palace Grill for Dinner $55
Total: $181 Day 5: Friday - Ate at Renauld's Patisserie & Bistro $35

-We went to State streeet mall (Santa Barbara's Singnatue shopping Street.). Spent $1,000 on clothes and shoes.

- We ate at the Palace grill $55

- Took a walk on the beach Oceana

- Hit the spa $420

- Ate at Palace Grill $55
__________________________________________________Total: 1,565 Day 6: Saturday -Drove home

-1,500 for gas and food

-Made it back home on Sunday
Total: 1,500 Total Money spent: 7,352 $3.92 dollars per Gallon Websites http://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g33045-Santa_Barbara_California-Vacations.html












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