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PENZ: Using the ACLP to influence participation in physical activi

No description

Rachael Dixon

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of PENZ: Using the ACLP to influence participation in physical activi

Participants have an increased understanding of the ACLP and how to engage learners in moving through the process.

Provide resource material on health promotion that can be adapted for use in PE (or Health or Home Economics) programmes.
.... a cycle that can be used to undertake health-promoting action. It includes all the necessary steps
– from the needs analysis and planning stages, to implementation and evaluation of your action
and allows opportunity for you think critically...

This cycle is the 'use of health promotion' referred to in the level 3 PE standard.
What is the ACLP?
A note about the Achievement Standard...
The evaluation for the assessment has two layers...

1. Reflecting on the
outcomes of the
action (the final step
in the ACLP).
2. Reflecting on the
use of the ACLP as a
whole. This is why it is
important to work through
the ACLP and document
the progress through
each step.
Using the ACLP to influence participation in physical activity
Goals of this session:
How this resource came about
Gap in resourcing for Health promotion/the ACLP
Requests for material to support teaching health promotion
Follow-on from 2013 national workshop on HP
Workshop for L3 PE students in collaboration with Health Promoting Schools in CHCH.
What is this resource?
Resource for teacher reference
Student workbook
Framework for moving through each stage of the ACLP - with possible activities and questions to be answered (critical thinking)
Written with PE 91503 in mind
Could be adapted for other levels and for Health (and Home Economics)
Other key information on HP - scholarship?
Picture dictation activity
Literacy activity to introduce a concept by breaking it into a series of statements (6-9 is a good number) to be drawn.
Once all statements are drawn, students compile into a definition/share ideas.
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