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A Cell is Like Halo

animal cell

moses bell

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of A Cell is Like Halo

A Cell is Like Halo In Halo commander Jacob Keyes would be like the nucleus. because like the nucleus controlling the cells in a body the commander controls all human forces even Master
Chief. The halo crates is like a smooth ER. Halo crates is like smooth ER because like smooth ER the halo crates hold rations and like the smooth ER hold lipids. The Rough ER will be like the overshild in Halo. like the Rough ER molding itself the overshield molds itself around the person who picks it up. In the cell ribosomes produce large amounts of proteins.
The closest Halo could get to ribosomes would be Halo spawn points where players get spawned into the game. In the Golgi apparatus there in charge of packing the proteins and being ready to be shipped anywhere in the body. While in Halo the pelican packs up the human forces when there ready to be moved out and sent to where ever the commander needs them lysosomes brake down, cell waste, and old worn out cell parts and recycles them. In Halo the covenant the alines have engineers that repair there vehicles and sometimes used destroyed vehicle parts that are around them. Vacuoles store waste products an organic trash can. In halo they got trash cans to that hold there waste products. In the cell the mitochondria is the organelle the brake down foods and converts it to energy. In halo the best thing to compare to the mitochondria will be Master Chief because he such a big legend among them he gives them new energy to fight. The cytoskeleton is in charge of keeping the sell shape and helps cell movement. In Halo the human spartan armour is the closest thing to cytoskeleton because it helps with spartan movement giving super human speed, strength and agility. The cell membrane job is to see what gets in and out of the cell In Halo the lobby host online is in charge of who can play in a game because he can kick anyone one out if he gets enough complaints.
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