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Annie Paterson

Thesis presentation for DEPC Annual TEP Conference 2017

Annie Paterson

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Annie Paterson

"I'm half blood, half water and a quarter chocolate cookie"
Annie Paterson
Educational Psychologist (Probationer)
North Lanarkshire Psychological Service

An Ecological Lens
'Childhood' for three care-experience young people...

Hearing the unheard?

Implications for EP practice
"Teenager sentenced to life for murdering fellow care home resident"
"Real children are much more than their brain structure, their physiology, their caregiving history, their attachments or their genetics in isolation"
Q & A
Thank you for listening!
Woolgar (2013, p. 239)
Promoting Reflexivity
Fernandes & Rodreguez (2015)
Bronfenbrenner (1979)
Arts-Based Visual Methods
"...nothing was forced, I dictated what we talked about."
"Kids Lost
in Care"
Research Questions
: What does 'childhood' mean to care-experienced young people?
: How do young people's experience of being cared for influence their perceptions of childhood?
: How effective are arts-based visual methods in hearing care-experienced young people's perspectives?
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