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Conference Proposal Writing Tips

No description

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Conference Proposal Writing Tips

Conference Proposal Writing Tips for the 10th

Annual Spring Conference

Prepare to Write the Proposal!
Follow the guidelines:
Make it r
State your main points early in the proposal
Target the content of your proposal to the audience
Provide background context and/or share your story
Research previous conference topics
Come up with a title that is attention getting
Discuss with colleagues
Proofread for errors
What is your motivation for presenting your topic?
Care about the topic
Be authentic and interested in your topic
Focus on helping others
Share something that you have learned, or share what went well and/or what did not go well.
Teach a skill, technique, or discovery
Consider the Audience
AELG Faculty
Teachers of Adult Learners
Build Rapport; Think about what you all have in common
Question: How will the presentation & topic be useful to the audience?
Consider how the proposal will be evaluated

The Proposal is organized and clear
The topic, title, and presentation spark interest
The proposal contains
concrete examples
of: your presentation/demonstration and
how the activities will be used by teachers and students.
Tip: Make sure the activities that you have
match with the objectives of the presentation.
Good Luck with your Spring Conference proposals and to submit online go to:
and click the
submit proposal

For Quick Share Proposal questions contact:

For Conference Proposal questions contact:

angela.calarco@yahoo.com &

Thank You

Early Bird: December 19, 2016

Proposals are due:
January 8, 2017

Reverse Engineer : look at previous
topics and areas of interest

Seek Feedback
Submit !
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