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The Digestive System

No description

Nimrat Brar

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The Digestive System

The Stomach The stomach has more than one job
The stomach breaks down the proteins from your food
It turns your food into a fluid called chyme by churning it with stomach acids. Where Does Digestion Start? The Job of the Digestive System The main job of the digestive system is to break down food.
By breaking down food, we get nutrients and energy. Gall Bladder The gall bladder has a very important role in digestion.
When the food enters the small intestine the gall bladder releases bile which helps break down the fat.
The Esophagus The Large Intestine By Gehreen Brar The Digestive System What most people do not know is that digestion starts in the mouth.
When you chew food your saliva glands release a substance to help break down some of the food in your mouth.
Some digestion takes place before even getting to the stomach! When you swallow, your food goes down a long tube in your throat called the esophagus.
To help your food travel down to your stomach, the esophagus squeezes behind the food to push it down. The large intestine has more than one main job.
The large intestine has the job of digesting any remaining food.
It also stores undigested foods.
Lastly, it gets rid of waste.
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